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Subject svn commit: r1221931 - in /commons/proper/dbcp/branches/DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH/src: changes/changes.xml site/xdoc/configuration.xml
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 23:02:50 GMT
Author: psteitz
Date: Wed Dec 21 23:02:49 2011
New Revision: 1221931

Improved configuration documentation for minIdle.  JIRA: DBCP-367.  Reported by Ken Tatsushita.


Modified: commons/proper/dbcp/branches/DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH/src/changes/changes.xml
--- commons/proper/dbcp/branches/DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH/src/changes/changes.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/dbcp/branches/DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH/src/changes/changes.xml Wed Dec 21 23:02:49
@@ -39,6 +39,10 @@ The <action> type attribute can be add,u
     <release version="1.4.1" date="TBD" description="TBD">
+      <action dev="psteitz" issue="DBCP-367" type="fix" due-to="Ken Tatsushita">
+        Improved configuration documentation of minIdle (made it match javadoc,
+        explaining that the evictor has to be enabled for the setting to have effect).
+      </action>
       <action dev="psteitz" issue="DBCP-334" type="update" due-to="Alberto Mozzone">
         Exposed GenericObjectPool's softMinEvictableIdleTimeMillis property for
         configuration and use by BasicDataSource.

Modified: commons/proper/dbcp/branches/DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH/src/site/xdoc/configuration.xml
--- commons/proper/dbcp/branches/DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH/src/site/xdoc/configuration.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/dbcp/branches/DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH/src/site/xdoc/configuration.xml Wed Dec
21 23:02:49 2011
@@ -146,8 +146,11 @@ testWhileIdle
-      The minimum number of connections that can remain idle in the
-      pool, without extra ones being created, or zero to create none.
+     the minimum number of idle connections in the pool. The pool attempts
+     to ensure that minIdle connections are available when the idle object evictor
+     runs. The value of this property has no effect unless timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis
+     has a positive value. Note also that no connections are created when 
+     numActive + numIdle >= maxActive (i.e., this setting does not override maxActive).

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