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Subject svn commit: r1084347 - /commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 20:46:25 GMT
Author: markt
Date: Tue Mar 22 20:46:24 2011
New Revision: 1084347

Update release notes for 1.3.1/1.4.1


Modified: commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Tue Mar 22 20:46:24 2011
@@ -1,143 +1,32 @@
-              commons-dbcp-1.3/1.4 RELEASE NOTES
+                    commons-dbcp-1.3.1/1.4.1 RELEASE NOTES
-This release includes new features as well as bug fixes and enhancements.  Some bug fixes
-change semantics (e.g. connection close is now idempotent).  The 1.3 and 1.4 releases of
-are built from the same sources.  Version 1.4 supports JDBC 4, so requires JDK 1.6. 
-Applications running under JDK 1.4-1.5 must use DBCP 1.3. Applications running under JDK
-should use DBCP 1.4. Other than support for the added methods in JDBC 4, there is nothing
-or different in DBCP 1.4 vs. DBCP 1.3. The list of changes below since 1.2.2 applies to both
-the 1.3 and 1.4 release.  Other than the issue related to adding JDBC 4 support (DBCP-191),

-all bug fixes or new features are included in both DBCP 1.3 and 1.4.
+This release includes new features as well as bug fixes and enhancements.  The
+1.3.x and 1.4.x releases of DBCP are built from the same sources.  Version 1.4.x
+supports JDBC 4, so requires JDK 1.6.  Applications running under JDK 1.4-1.5
+must use DBCP 1.3.x. Applications running under JDK 1.6 should use DBCP 1.4.x.
+Other than support for the added methods in JDBC 4, there is nothing new or
+different in DBCP 1.4.x vs. DBCP 1.3.x. The list of changes below since 1.3/1.4
+applies to both the 1.3.1 and 1.4 release.  All bug fixes or new features are
+included in both DBCP 1.3.x and 1.4.x.
-Changes since DBCP 1.2.2 include:
+Changes since DBCP 1.3/1.4 include:
 New features:
-o  DBCP-204:  Made PoolingConnection pool CallableStatements. When BasicDataSource's 
-        poolPreparedStatements property is true, CallableStatements are now
-        pooled along with PreparedStatements. The maxOpenPreparedStatements
-        property limits the combined number of Callable and Prepared statements
-        that can be in use at a given time. Thanks to Wei Chen. 
-o  DBCP-226:  Added a validationQueryTimeout configuration parameter to BasicDataSource
-        allowing the user to specify a timeout value (in seconds) for connection
-        validation queries. 
-o  DBCP-175:  Added a connectionInitSqls configuration parameter to BasicDataSource
-        allowing the user to specify a collection of SQL statements to execute
-        one time when a physical database connection is first opened. Thanks to Jiri Melichna
and Jerome Lacoste. 
-o  DBCP-228:  Added support for pooling managed connections. Thanks to Dain Sundstrom. 
-o  DBCP-230:  Added BasicManagedDataSource, extending BasicDataSource.
-        Also improved extensibility of BasicDataSource by encapsulating
-        methods to create object pool, connection factory and datasource
-        instance previously embedded in createDataSource. Thanks to Dain Sundstrom. 
+o  None
 Fixed Bugs:
-o  DBCP-320:  Eliminated poolKeys cache from PerUserPoolDataSource. 
-o  DBCP-321:  Eliminated userKeys LRUMap cache from SharedPoolDataSource. 
-o  DBCP-319:  Made private fields final where possible. Thanks to Sebastian Bazley. 
-o  DBCP-318:  PerUserPoolDataSource.getPooledConnectionAndInfo multi-threading bug. Thanks
to Sebastian Bazley. 
-o  DBCP-315:  Remove throws clause from method that does not throw an exception. Thanks to
Sebastian Bazley. 
-o  DBCP-313:  Remove code that catches and ignores Exceptions when calling
-        PooledConnection.removeConnectionEventListener(ConnectionEventListener)
-        as the method does not throw any Exceptions. Thanks to Sebastian Bazley. 
-o  DBCP-316:  Remove impossible null check. Thanks to Sebastian Bazley. 
-o  DBCP-303:  Ensure Statement.getGeneratedKeys() works correctly with the CPDS
-        adapter. Thanks to Dave Oxley. 
-o  DBCP-302:  Removed incorrectly advertised ClassNotFoundException from
-        JOCLContentHandler.ConstructorDetails.createObject(). Thanks to Sebastian Bazley.

-o  DBCP-8:  Handle user password changes for InstanceKeyDataSources. 
-o  DBCP-294:  Added PoolableManagedConnection and PoolableManagedConnectionFactory so that
-        pooled managed connections can unregister themselves from transaction registries,
-        avoiding resource leaks. Thanks to Philippe Mouawad. 
-o  DBCP-212:  PoolableConnectionFactory.makeObject() is no longer synchronized. This
-        provides improved response times when load spikes at the cost of a
-        faster rise in database server load. This change was made as a partial
-        fix for DBCP-212.  The synchronization changes in Commons Pool 1.5 complete
-        the fix for this issue. 
-o  DBCP-242:  Reverted DelegatingConnection close to 1.2.2 version to ensure
-        open statements are closed before the underlying connection is closed. 
-o  DBCP-235:  Refactor DelegatingConnection and ManagedConnection enable overridden
-        equals() and hashcode() to work correctly. 
-o  DBCP-215:  Modified BasicDataSourceFactory to complete initialization of the pool
-        by creating initialSize connections rather than leaving this to lazy
-        initialization when the pool is used. 
-o  DBCP-253:  Eliminated masked _stmt field in descendents of DelegatingStatement. 
-o  DBCP-191:  Modified DBCP sources to support compilation under JDK 1.4-1.6
-        using Ant flags to do conditional compilation. Thanks to Michael Heuer and J. David
-o  DBCP-272:  Added a static initializer to BasicDatasource that calls
-        DriverManager.getDrivers() to force initialization before we ever do
-        anything that might use Class.forName() to load (and register) a JDBC
-        driver. 
-o  DBCP-4:  Eliminated direct System.out calls in AbandonedTrace. 
-o  DBCP-264:  Modified DelegatingStatment close to clear open batches. 
-o  DBCP-255:  Eliminated unused private "parent" field in AbandonedTrace. 
-o  DBCP-273:  Fixed errors handling boolean-valued Reference properties in 
-        InstanceKeyObjectFactory, DriverAdapterCPDS that were causing 
-        testOnBorrow and poolPreparedStatements properties to be incorrectly
-        set when creating objects from javax.naming.Reference instances. Thanks to Mark Lin.

-o  DBCP-271:  Made private instance fields of AbandonedTrace volatile (parent,
-        createdBy, lastUsed, createdTime) or final (trace). Thanks to Sebastian Bazley. 
-o  DBCP-270:  Narrowed synchronization in AbandonedTrace to resolve an Evictor deadlock.
Thanks to Filip Hanik. 
-o  DBCP-218:  Corrected Javadoc to state that getLoginTimeout and setLoginTimeout are
-        NOT supported by BasicDataSource. 
-o  DBCP-221:  BasicDataSource.close() now permanently marks the data source as closed,
-        and no new connections can be obtained from the data source. At close all
-        idle connections are destroyed and the method returns.  As the remaining
-        active connections are closed, they are destroyed. 
-o  DBCP-241:  Eliminated potential sources of NullPointerExceptions in 
-        PoolingConnection. 
-o  DBCP-216:  Improved error recovery and listener cleanup in 
-        KeyedCPDSConnectionFactory. Substituted calls to destroyObject with
-         _pool.invalidateObject on error to ensure pool active count is
-        decremented on error events. Ensured that events from closed or invalid
-        connections are ignored and listeners are cleaned up. Thanks to Marcos Sanz. 
-o  DBCP-245:  Fixed error in SharedPoolDataSource causing incorrect passwords to be 
-        stored under certain conditions. Thanks to Michael Drechsel. 
-o  DBCP-237:  Added exception handler to ensure that PooledConnections are not
-        orphaned when an exception occurs in setUpDefaults or clearWarnings in 
-        IntanceKeyDataSource.getConnection. Thanks to Oliver Matz. 
-o  DBCP-252:  Made getPool synchronized in PoolableConnectionFactory.
-        Fixes inconsistent synchronization accessing _pool. Thanks to FindBugs. 
-o  DBCP-252:  Fixed inconsistent synchronization on _rollbackAfterValidation,
-        _validationQuery and _pool in CPDSConnectionFactory and 
-        KeyedCPDSConnectionFactory by making the first two volatile and making
-        both getter and setter for _pool synchronized. Thanks to FindBugs. 
+o  DBCP-333:  Correctly implemented the fix for DBCP-203 to allow the
+        configuration of the class loader to be used to load the JDBC driver. 
-o  DBCP-314:  Renamed variables with duplicate names in different scopes. Thanks to Sebastian
-o  DBCP-312:  Clarified javadoc for BasicDataSource close() method. Thanks to Glen Mazza.

-o  DBCP-305:  Use an API specific exception for logging abandoned objects to make
-        scanning the logs for these exceptions simpler and to provide a better
-        message that includes the creation time of the abandoned object. Thanks to Christopher
-o  DBCP-203:  Make the class loader used to load the JDBC driver configurable for the
-        BasicDatasource. Thanks to Mark Grand. 
-o  DBCP-289:  Made XADataSource configurable in BasicManagedDataSource. Thanks to Marc Kannegie├čer.

-o  DBCP-276:  Added connectionProperties property to DriverAdapterCPDS. 
-o  DBCP-265:  Add a DelegatingDatabaseMetaData to track ResultSets returned from
-        DatabaseMetaData objects. 
-o  DBCP-211:  Added Maven 2 pom.xml. Removed a block of code from TestJOCLed that set
-        the Xerces parser manually. This was to support early JDKs. The 1.3
-        version of DBCP requires JDK 1.4+. 
-o  DBCP-233:  Changed behavior to allow Connection, Statement, PreparedStatement,
-        CallableStatement and ResultSet to be closed multiple times. The first
-        time close is called the resource is closed and any subsequent calls
-        have no effect. This behavior is required as per the JavaDocs for these
-        classes. Also added tests for closing all types multiple times and
-        updated any tests that incorrectly assert that a resource can not be
-        closed more then once.  Fixes DBCP-3, DBCP-5, DBCP-23 and DBCP-134. Thanks to Dain
-o  DBCP-11:  Modified PoolingDataSource, PoolingDriver and DelegatingStatement to
-        assure that all returned Statements, PreparedStatements, 
-        CallableStatements and ResultSets are wrapped with a delegating object,
-        which already properly handle the back pointers for Connection and
-        Statement.  Also added tests to to assure that the *same* object used 
-        to create the statement or result set is returned  from either 
-        getConnection() or getStatement(). Thanks to Dain Sundstrom. 
-o  DBCP-143:  SQLNestedException has been deprecated and will be replaced in DBCP 2.0 with
-        SQLException and standard Java exception chaining. 
+o  None
-For complete information on commons-dbcp, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
-patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the commons-dbcp website:
+For complete information on commons-dbcp, including instructions on how to
+submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the
+commons-dbcp website:

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