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Subject svn commit: r886657 - /commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 02:25:37 GMT
Author: psteitz
Date: Thu Dec  3 02:25:23 2009
New Revision: 886657

Updated description and fixed some issue classification errors.


Modified: commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
--- commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml Thu Dec  3 02:25:23 2009
@@ -38,11 +38,11 @@
     <title>Commons DBCP Release Notes</title>
-    <release version="1.4" date="TBD" description="This release will include
+    <release version="1.4" date="TBD" description="This release includes
      new features as well as bug fixes and instrumentation.  Some bug fixes
-     will change semantics (e.g. connection close will become idempotent).
-     The minimum JDK level will be increased to 1.4">
-      <action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="DBCP-204" due-to="Wei Chen">
+     change semantics (e.g. connection close is now idempotent).
+     The minimum JDK level has been increased to 1.4">
+      <action dev="psteitz" type="add" issue="DBCP-204" due-to="Wei Chen">
         Made PoolingConnection pool CallableStatements. When BasicDataSource's 
         poolPreparedStatements property is true, CallableStatements are now
         pooled along with PreparedStatements. The maxOpenPreparedStatements
@@ -80,12 +80,12 @@
       <action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="DBCP-276">
         Added connectionProperties property to DriverAdapterCPDS.
-      <action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="DBCP-226">
+      <action dev="psteitz" type="add" issue="DBCP-226">
         Added a validationQueryTimeout configuration parameter to BasicDataSource
         allowing the user to specify a timeout value (in seconds) for connection
         validation queries. 
-      <action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="DBCP-175" due-to="Jiri Melichna and Jerome
+      <action dev="psteitz" type="add" issue="DBCP-175" due-to="Jiri Melichna and Jerome
         Added a connectionInitSqls configuration parameter to BasicDataSource
         allowing the user to specify a collection of SQL statements to execute
         one time when a physical database connection is first opened.
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@
         Refactor DelegatingConnection and ManagedConnection enable overridden
         equals() and hashcode() to work correctly.
-      <action dev="markt" type="fix" issue="DBCP-265">
+      <action dev="markt" type="update" issue="DBCP-265">
         Add a DelegatingDatabaseMetaData to track ResultSets returned from
         DatabaseMetaData objects.
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@
         Corrected Javadoc to state that getLoginTimeout and setLoginTimeout are
         NOT supported by BasicDataSource.
-      <action dev="bayard" type="add" issue="DBCP-211">
+      <action dev="bayard" type="update" issue="DBCP-211">
         Added Maven 2 pom.xml. Removed a block of code from TestJOCLed that set
         the Xerces parser manually. This was to support early JDKs. The 1.3
         version of DBCP requires JDK 1.4+.
@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@
         methods to create object pool, connection factory and datasource
         instance previously embedded in createDataSource.
-      <action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="DBCP-233" due-to="Dain Sundstrom">
+      <action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="DBCP-233" due-to="Dain Sundstrom">
         Changed behavior to allow Connection, Statement, PreparedStatement,
         CallableStatement and ResultSet to be closed multiple times. The first
         time close is called the resource is closed and any subsequent calls
@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@
         updated any tests that incorrectly assert that a resource can not be
         closed more then once.  Fixes DBCP-3, DBCP-5, DBCP-23 and DBCP-134.
-      <action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="DBCP-11" due-to="Dain Sundstrom">
+      <action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="DBCP-11" due-to="Dain Sundstrom">
         Modified PoolingDataSource, PoolingDriver and DelegatingStatement to
         assure that all returned Statements, PreparedStatements, 
         CallableStatements and ResultSets are wrapped with a delegating object,

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