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Subject svn commit: r884553 - /commons/sandbox/runtime/trunk/README.txt
Date Thu, 26 Nov 2009 13:34:48 GMT
Author: mturk
Date: Thu Nov 26 13:34:48 2009
New Revision: 884553

Add some README

    commons/sandbox/runtime/trunk/README.txt   (with props)

Added: commons/sandbox/runtime/trunk/README.txt
--- commons/sandbox/runtime/trunk/README.txt (added)
+++ commons/sandbox/runtime/trunk/README.txt Thu Nov 26 13:34:48 2009
@@ -0,0 +1,50 @@
+Hello, my name is Mladen Turk and this is my sandbox.
+I am using this sandbox to create a new native based around the
+modern OS features. If you would like to help in that effort, please
+feel free to introduce yourself on the developer mailing list
+( Commit access is earned by contributing to
+the Commons Project, signing and submitting an Apache contributors
+license agreement (CLA), and asking me for commit access.
+                     =============
+                     SANDBOX RULES
+                     =============
+Everything committed is redistributable as a whole under the
+Apache License, version 2.0, even if individual components are
+under other licenses.
+Don't knock over my castle.  If you want to create your own
+castle, then ask for your own sandbox (I'll copy your castle
+later if it looks better than mine).
+If you want to add to my castle, please tell us what you want to
+add and how you intend to do it (even if it is only vaguely formed
+in your mind).  It is quite likely that we may have already thought
+of doing the same thing and already have plans in mind, though I am
+usually happy to let others do the work with me.  In fact, I do my
+best work when I think of it as helping someone else do their work,
+so I am far more productive as a collaborator than if I am just
+sitting in a corner by myself.  So, please, go ahead and ask.
+If you think my castle is ugly, likely to fall down under its
+own weight, or would be better architected in some other fashion,
+then please speak up.  There is no faster way to earn commit access
+than to show that you've thought carefully about the problem and
+discovered something I didn't, tested something that I was too lazy
+to test, or know something about some critical platform that
+I don't have access to myself.
+Most of all, HAVE FUN.  This is not supposed to be "work" even
+if we happen to be paid by someone to work on it.  This creative
+tinkering with software is fun to do when you keep a good sense
+of humor and a smile on your face.  If you want to get angry and
+take it out on someone, then go somewhere else.  I reserve the
+right to kick anyone out of my sandbox if they start crying, or
+make me want to cry because of what they've done or said.
+Please keep that in mind at all times.

Propchange: commons/sandbox/runtime/trunk/README.txt
    svn:eol-style = native

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