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Subject svn commit: r795482 - /commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
Date Sun, 19 Jul 2009 06:44:37 GMT
Author: bayard
Date: Sun Jul 19 06:44:37 2009
New Revision: 795482

1.1->2.4 now in the changes report (LANG-484)


Modified: commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
--- commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml Sun Jul 19 06:44:37 2009
@@ -25,18 +25,281 @@
   <release version="2.4" date="2008-03-18" description="">
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-322">ClassUtils.getShortClassName(String) inefficient</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-269">Shouldn't Commons Lang's StringUtils have a
"common" string method?</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-368">FastDateFormat getDateInstance() and getDateTimeInstance()
assume Locale.getDefault() won't change</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-402">OSGi-ify Lang</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-412">StrBuilder appendFixedWidth does not handle
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-380">infinite loop in Fraction.reduce when numerator
== 0</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-367">FastDateFormat thread safety</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-298">ClassUtils.getShortClassName and ClassUtils.getPackageName
and class of array</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-328">LocaleUtils.toLocale() rejects strings with
only language+variant</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-334">Enum is not thread-safe</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-365">BooleanUtils.toBoolean() - invalid drop-thru
in case statement causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-333">ArrayUtils.toClass</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-360">Why does appendIdentityToString return null?</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-381">NumberUtils.min(floatArray) returns wrong value
if floatArray[0] happens to be Float.NaN</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-346">Dates.round() behaves incorrectly for minutes
and seconds</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-407">StringUtils.length(String) returns null-safe
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-180">adding a StringUtils.replace method that takes
an array or List of replacement strings</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-383">Adding functionality to DateUtils to allow
direct setting of various fields.</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-374">Add escaping for CSV columns to StringEscapeUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-326">StringUtils: startsWith / endsWith / startsWithIgnoreCase
/ endsWithIgnoreCase / removeStartIgnoreCase / removeEndIgnoreCase methods</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-351">Extension to ClassUtils: Obtain the primitive
class from a wrapper</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-399">Javadoc bugs - cannot find object</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-345">Optimize HashCodeBuilder.append(Object)</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-385">
"Building" section is incorrect and incomplete</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-410">Ambiguous / confusing names in StringUtils
replace* methods</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-257">Add new splitByWholeSeparatorPreserveAllTokens()
methods to StringUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-356">Add getStartTime to StopWatch</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-377">Perhaps add containsAny() methods?</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-353">Javadoc Example for EqualsBuilder is questionable</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-393">EqualsBuilder don't compare BigDecimals correctly</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-192">Split camel case strings</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-404">Add Calendar flavour format methods to DateFormatUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-379">Calculating A date fragment in any time-unit</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-413">Memory usage improvement for StringUtils#getLevenshteinDistance()</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-362">Add ExtendedMessageFormat to org.apache.commons.lang.text</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-363">StringEscapeUtils.escapeJavaScript() method
did not escape '/' into '\/', it will make IE render page uncorrectly</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-321">Add toArray() method to IntRange and LongRange
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-375">add SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_VISTA field</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-329">Pointless synchronized in ThreadLocal.initialValue
should be removed</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-371">ToStringStyle javadoc should show examples
of styles</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-364">Documentation bug for ignoreEmptyTokens accessors
in StrTokenizer</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-361">BooleanUtils toBooleanObject javadoc does not
match implementation</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-338">truncateNicely method which avoids truncating
in the middle of a word</action>
   <release version="2.3" date="2007-02-13" description="">
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-262">Use of enum prevents a classloader from being
garbage collected resuling in out of memory exceptions.</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-289">NumberUtils.max(byte[]) and NumberUtils.min(byte[])
are missing</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-291">Null-safe comparison methods for finding most
recent / least recent dates.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-315">StopWatch: suspend() acts as split(), if followed
by stop()</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-294">StrBuilder.replaceAll and StrBuilder.deleteAll
can throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-299">Bug in method appendFixedWidthPadRight of class
StrBuilder causes an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-69"> ToStringBuilder throws StackOverflowError when
an Object cycle exists</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-282">Create more tests to test out the +=31 replacement
code in DurationFormatUtils.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-295">StrBuilder contains usages of thisBuf.length
when they should use size</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-258">Enum JavaDoc: 1) outline 5.0 native Enum migration
2) warn not to use the switch() , 3) point out approaches for persistence and gui</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-313">Wrong behavior of Entities.unescape</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-300">NumberUtils.createNumber throws NumberFormatException
for one digit long</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-304">NullPointerException in isAvailableLocale(Locale)</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-303">FastDateFormat.mRules is not transient or serializable</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-268">StringUtils.join should allow you to pass a
range for it (so it only joins a part of the array)</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-102">Refactor Entities methods</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-314">Tests fail to pass when building with Maven
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-281">DurationFormatUtils returns wrong result</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-292">unescapeXml("&amp;12345678;") should be
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-287">Optimize StringEscapeUtils.unescapeXml(String)</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-310">BooleanUtils isNotTrue/isNotFalse</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-306">Extra StrBuilder methods</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-275">Add a pair of StringUtils.substringsBetween;String[]
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-279">HashCodeBuilder throws java.lang.StackOverflowError
when an object contains a cycle.</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-266">Wish for StringUtils.join(Collection, *)</action>
   <release version="2.2" date="2006-10-04" description="">
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-45">StrBuilderTest#testReplaceStringString fails.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-42">EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) crashes
with a NullPointerException if an element of the first array is null</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-286">Serialization - not backwards compatible</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-50"> Replace Clover with Cobertura</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-259">ValuedEnum.compareTo(Object other) not typesafe
- it easily could be...</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-271">LocaleUtils test fails under Mustang</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-2">javadoc example for StringUtils.splitByWholeSeparator
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-3">PADDING array in StringUtils overflows on '\uffff'</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-10">ClassUtils.primitiveToWrapper and Void</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-37">unit test for org.apache.commons.lang.text.StrBuilder</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-59">DateUtils.truncate method is buggy when dealing
with DST switching hours</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-100">RandomStringUtils.random() family of methods
create invalid unicode sequences</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-106">StringUtils#getLevenshteinDistance() performance
is sub-optimal</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-112">Wrong length check in StrTokenizer.StringMatcher</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-105">ExceptionUtils goes into infinite loop in getThrowables
is throwable.getCause() == throwable</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-117">FastDateFormat: wrong format for date "01.01.1000"</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-123">Unclear javadoc for DateUtils.iterator()</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-130">Memory "leak" in StringUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-260">StringEscapeUtils should expose escape*() methods
taking Writer argument</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-141">Fraction.toProperString() returns -1/1 for
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-152">DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationWords "11
&lt;unit&gt;s" gets converted to "11 &lt;unit&gt;"</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-148">Performance modifications on StringUtils.replace</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-150">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml skips first
entity after standalone ampersand</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-140">DurationFormatUtils.formatPeriod() returns
the wrong result</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-186">Request for MutableBoolean implementation</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-198">New method for EqualsBuilder</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-212">New ExceptionUtils method setCause()</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-217">Add Mutable&lt;Type&gt; to&lt;Type&gt;()
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-216">Provides a Class.getPublicMethod which returns
public invocable Method</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-226">Using ReflectionToStringBuilder and excluding
secure fields</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-194">add generic add method to DateUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-220">Tokenizer Enhancements: reset input string,
static CSV/TSV factories</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-242">Trivial cleanup of javadoc in various files</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-246">CompositeFormat</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-250">Performance boost for RandomStringUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-254">Enhanced Class.forName version</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-263">Add StringUtils.containsIgnoreCase(...)</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-267">Support char array converters on ArrayUtils</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-25">DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationISO() javadoc
is missing T in duration string between date and time part</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-272">Minor build and checkstyle changes</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-277">Javadoc errors on StringUtils.splitPreserveAllTokens(String,
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-122">EscapeUtil.escapeHtml() should clarify that
it does not escape ' chars to &amp;apos;</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-161">Add methods and tests to StrBuilder</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-162">replace() length calculation improvement</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-166">New interpolation features</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-169">Implementation of escape/unescapeHtml methods
with Writer</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-176">CompareToBuilder excludeFields for reflection
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-159">Add WordUtils.getInitials(String)</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-261">Error in an example in the javadoc of the StringUtils.splitPreserveAllTokens()
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-264">ToStringBuilder/HashCodeBuilder javadoc code
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-265">Cannot build tests from latest SVN</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-270">minor javadoc improvements for StringUtils.stripXxx()
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-278">javadoc for StringUtils.removeEnd is incorrect</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-127">Minor tweak to fix of bug # 26616</action>
   <release version="2.1" date="2005-06-13" description="">
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-103">make optional parameters in FastDateFormat
really optional</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-149">Nestable.indexOfThrowable(Class) uses Class.equals()
to match</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-30">buffer under/overrun on Strings.strip, stripStart
&amp; stripEnd</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-19">ToStringStyle.setArrayEnd(String) doesn't replace
null with empty string.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-80">New class proposal: CharacterEncoding</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-43">SystemUtils fails init on HP-UX</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-134">javadoc - 'four basic XML entities' should
be 5 (apos is missing)</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-156">o.a.c.lang.enum.ValuedEnum: 'enum'is a keyword
in JDK1.5.0</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-131">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml() doesn't handle
an empty entity</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-6">EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) incorrectly
checks that rhs[i] is instance of lhs[i]'s class</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-33">Method enums.Enum.equals(Object o) doesn't work
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-31">ExceptionUtils.addCauseMethodName(String) does
not check for duplicates.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-136">Make StopWatch validate state transitions</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-124">enum package is not compatible with 1.5 jdk</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-128">WordUtils capitalizeFully() throws a null pointer
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-138">ValuedEnum</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-133">parseDate class from HttpClient's DateParser
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-62">ArrayUtils.isEquals() throws ClassCastException
when array1 and array2 are different dimension</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-57">ClassCastException in Enum.equals(Object)</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-107">FastDateFormat year bug</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-77">unbalanced ReflectionToStringBuilder</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-86">FastDateFormat.getDateInstance(int, Locale)
always uses the pattern from the first invocation</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-79">ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString(null) throws
exception by design</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-126">Make ClassUtils methods null-safe and not throw
an IAE.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-5">StringUtils.split ignores empty items</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-144">EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) throws
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-74">ArrayUtils.addAll doesn't always return new
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-81">Enum.equals does not handle different class
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-27">Add SystemUtils.AWT_TOOLKIT and others.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-14">Throwable cause for NotImplementedException</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-28">ClassUtils.primitivesToWrappers method</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-120">public static boolean DateUtils.equals(Date
dt1, Date dt2) ?</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-7">Documentation error in StringUtils.replace</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-125">DateUtils constants should be long</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-13">DateUtils.truncate() is off by one hour when
using a date in DST switch 'zone'</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-118">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml() doesn't handle
hex entities</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-99">new StringUtils.replaceChars behaves differently
from old CharSetUtils.translate</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-41">last substring returned by StringUtils.split(
String, String, int ) is too long</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-119">Can't subclass EqualsBuilder because isEquals
is private</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-158">new StringUtils.split methods that split on
the whole separator string</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-172">New method for converting a primitive Class
to its corresponding wrapper Class</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-222">Add convenience format(long) methods to FastDateFormat</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-116">Enum's outer class may not be loaded for EnumUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-219">WordUtils.capitalizeFully(String str) should
take a delimiter</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-183">Make javadoc crosslinking configurable</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-82">Minor javadoc fixes for StringUtils.contains(String,
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-32">Error in JavaDoc for StringUtils.chomp(String,
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-95">StringUtils.defaultString: Documentation error</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-233">Add hashCode-support to class ObjectUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-202">add another "known method" to ExceptionUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-235">Enhancement of ExceptionUtils.CAUSE_METHOD_NAMES</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-24">DateUtils.truncate oddity at the far end of
the Date spectrum</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-232">add getLength() method to ArrayUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-171"> fixes comment skew, removes
unused loop counter</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-179">StringUtils.isAsciiPrintable()</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-167">ExceptionUtils: new getCause() methodname (for
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-85">fixes 75 typos</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-230">mutable numbers</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-191">Javadoc fixes for ClassUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-184">Add StringUtils.nIndexOf?</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-135">Javadoc fixes for CharSetUtils</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-154">Remove redundant check for null separator in
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-247">Class and Package Comparators for ClassUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-256">add remove methods to ArrayUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-185">WordUtils capitalize improvement</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-173">add isEmpty method to ArrayUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-168">lang.math.Fraction class deficiencies</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-207">Add methods to ArrayUtils: add at end and insert-like
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-239">Add SystemUtils methods for directory properties.</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-189">Add method that validates Collection elements
are a certain type</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-224">elapsed time formatting utility method</action>
   <release version="2.0" date="2003-09-02" description="">
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-20">Infinite loop in ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString
for inner classes</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-75">NumberUtils.createBigDecimal("") NPE in Sun
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-38">Rationalize StringUtils slice functions</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-53">SystemUtils.IS_OS_OS2 Javadoc is wrong</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-142">A small, but important javadoc fix for Fraction
proper whole and numerator</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-70">Adding tolerance to double[] search methods
in ArrayUtils</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-9">lang.builder classes javadoc edits (mostly typo
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-63">StringUtils javadoc and test enhancements</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-132">SystemUtils.IS_OS_*, IS_JAVA_* are always false.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-143">Improve util.Validate tests</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-155">maven-beta10 checkstyle problem</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-147">StringUtils.chopNewLine - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-73">ToStringBuilder doesn't work well in subclasses</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-48">static option for reversing the stacktrace</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-87">NullPointerException in CompareToBuilder</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-84">RandomStringUtils.randomAlpha methods omit 'z'</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-129">test.time fails in Japanese (non-us) locale.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-94">NumberUtils.isNumber allows illegal trailing
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-137">Improve javadoc and overflow behavior of Fraction</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-55">RandomStringUtils infloops with length &gt;
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-47">test.lang fails if compiled with non iso-8859-1
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-113">SystemUtils does not play nice in an Applet</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-111">time unit tests fail on Sundays</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-90">java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError thrown
by JVMRandom constructor</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-78">StringUtils.chomp does not match Perl</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-36">patch and test case fixing problem with RandomStringUtils.random()</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-151">General case: infinite loop: ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-35">Should ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString handle
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-83">EnumUtils nit: The import
is never used</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-12">Example in Javadoc for ToStringBuilder wrong
for append.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-110">Added class hierachy support to HashCodeBuilder.reflectionHashCode()</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-71">ExceptionUtils new methods.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-15">Infinite loop in StringUtils.replace(text, repl,
with) + FIX</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-93">StackOverflow due to ToStringBuilder</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-39">No Javadoc for NestableDelegate</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-49">Specify initial size for Enum's HashMap.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-146">Enum does not support inner sub-classes</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-157">Removed compile warning in ObjectUtils</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-96">SystemUtils.IS_JAVA_1_5 Javadoc is wrong</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-16">NumberRange inaccurate for Long, etc.</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-4">Hierarchy support in ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString()</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-56">StringUtils.countMatches loops forever if substring
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-209">javadoc fixes (remove @links to non-public
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-210">Add javadoc examples and tests for StringUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-170">Make NumberUtils null handling consistent</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-145">Unused field 'startFinal' in DateIterator</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-214">reduce object creation in ToStringBuilder</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-228">Improved tests, javadoc for CharSetUtils, StringEscapeUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-252">NumberUtils min/max, BooleanUtils.xor, and
ArrayUtils toPrimitive and toObject</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-208">Javadoc, tests improvements for CharSet, CharSetUtils</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-205">StringUtil enhancement</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-164">Javadoc nit</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-206">Additional Lang Method Suggestions</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-178">Make NestableDelegate methods public instead
of package private</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-174">Missing @since tags</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-245">Refactored reflection feature of ToStringBuilder
into new ReflectionToStringBuilder</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-51">Typo in documentation</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-1">Patch for javadocs</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-244">Add join(..., char c) to StringUtils (and some
performance fixes). Even contains tests!</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-231">Resurrect the WordWrapUtils from commons-sandbox/utils</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-139">EnumTest fails on Linux Sun JDK 1.3.0</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-234">What to do with FastDateFormat unused private
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-240">Added class hierachy support to CompareToBuilder.reflectionCompare()</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-190">Removed compile warning in FastDateFormat</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-97">typo in the javadoc example code</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-249">MethodUtils: Removed unused code/unused local
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-237">Hierarchy support in EqualsBuilder.reflectionEquals()</action>
+    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-91">JavaDoc Errata</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-215">ArrayUtils.contains()</action>
+    <action type="add" issue="LANG-221">More flexibility for getRootCause in ExceptionUtils</action>
   <release version="1.0.1" date="2002-11-25" description="Quick bugfix to 1.0">

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