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Subject svn commit: r757041 - in /commons/proper/cli/trunk: src/site/site.xml xdocs/index.xml xdocs/introduction.xml xdocs/properties.xml xdocs/release_1_0.xml xdocs/release_1_2.xml xdocs/upgrading-1.0-to-1.1.xml xdocs/usage.xml
Date Sat, 21 Mar 2009 22:41:55 GMT
Author: bayard
Date: Sat Mar 21 22:41:54 2009
New Revision: 757041

Making the cli website CLI2 specific


Modified: commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/site.xml
--- commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/site.xml Sat Mar 21 22:41:54 2009
@@ -23,23 +23,14 @@
-        <menu name="Commons CLI">
+        <menu name="Commons CLI2">
             <item name="Overview"             href="/index.html"/>
-            <item name="Download"             href=""/>
-            <item name="Changes Report"       href="/changes-report.html"/>
             <item name="Mailing Lists"        href="/mail-lists.html"/>
             <item name="Issue Tracking"       href="/issue-tracking.html"/>
             <item name="Source Repository"    href="/source-repository.html"/>
-        <menu name="CLI 1 User Guide">
-            <item name="Getting started"      href="/introduction.html"/>
-            <item name="Usage scenarios"      href="/usage.html"/>
-            <item name="Option properties"    href="/properties.html"/>
-            <item name="Javadoc (1.2)"        href="api-release/index.html"/>
-        </menu>
-        <menu name="CLI 2 User Guide (dev)">
+        <menu name="User Guide">
             <item name="Overview"             href="/manual/index.html"/>
             <item name="Examples"             href="/examples/index.html"/>
             <item name="Options"              href="/manual/options.html"/>

Modified: commons/proper/cli/trunk/xdocs/index.xml
--- commons/proper/cli/trunk/xdocs/index.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/cli/trunk/xdocs/index.xml Sat Mar 21 22:41:54 2009
@@ -25,54 +25,19 @@
-    <section name="Commons CLI">
+    <section name="Commons CLI2">
-        The Apache Commons CLI library provides an API for parsing command line options passed
to programs.
-        It's also able to print help messages detailing the options available for a command
line tool.
+        CLI2 has been developed with the goals of clearer responsibilities and
+        being more flexible than Commons CLI.  The intention is that CLI2 should 
+        be able to model a far greater selection of interfaces and do so more 
+        completely, validating as much as possible.
-        Commons CLI supports different types of options:
-      </p>
-      <ul>
-        <li>POSIX like options (ie. <code>tar -zxvf foo.tar.gz</code>)</li>
-        <li>GNU like long options (ie. <code>du --human-readable --max-depth=1</code>)</li>
-        <li>Java like properties (ie. <code>java -Djava.awt.headless=true
-        <li>Short options with value attached (ie. <code>gcc -O2 foo.c</code>)</li>
-        <li>long options with single hyphen (ie. <code>ant -projecthelp</code>)</li>
-      </ul>
-      <p>
-        A typical help message displayed by Commons CLI looks like this:
-      </p>
-      <source>
-usage: ls
- -A,--almost-all          do not list implied . and ..
- -a,--all                 do not hide entries starting with .
- -B,--ignore-backups      do not list implied entried ending with ~
- -b,--escape              print octal escapes for nongraphic characters
-    --block-size &lt;SIZE>   use SIZE-byte blocks
- -c                       with -lt: sort by, and show, ctime (time of last
-                          modification of file status information) with
-                          -l:show ctime and sort by name otherwise: sort
-                          by ctime
- -C                       list entries by columns
-      </source>
-      <p>
-        Check out the <a href="introduction.html">introduction</a> page for a
detailed presentation.
+        The redesigned CLI2 is rooted in the <code>org.apache.commons.cli2</code>
+        package.
-    <section name="1.x vs 2.x?">
-      <p>Commons CLI 1.0 was formed from the merger of ideas and code from three different
libraries -
-      Werken, Avalon and Optz. In dealing with the bugs and the feature requests a freshly
designed and not
-      backwards compatible CLI 2 was created, but never finished or released. Since then
bugfix releases
-      have been made for CLI 1.</p>
-      <p>The current plan is to maintain the 1.x line until CLI 2 is officially released.
The 2.x design is generally
-      preferred and is in use, however there is no current activity to make a 2.0 release.
To this end, the 1.2
-      release is recommended to most users while the 2.x line is recommended for anyone interested
in helping to get
-      this better API released.</p>
-    </section>
     <section name="Documentation">
         A full <a href="introduction.html">User's Guide</a> is available
@@ -82,26 +47,17 @@
         The Javadoc API documents are available online:
-        <li><a href="api-release/index.html">CLI 1.2 (current release)</a></li>
-        <li><a href="api-1.1/index.html">CLI 1.1</a></li>
-        <li><a href="api-1.0/index.html">CLI 1.0</a></li>
         <li><a href="apidocs/index.html">CLI 2.0-SNAPSHOT (latest SVN)</a></li>
         The <a href="source-repository.html">Subversion repository</a> can be
-        <a href="">browsed</a>.
+        <a href="">browsed</a>.
     <section name="Releases">
-        The latest version is v1.2. -
-        <a href="">Download now!</a>
-        <br/>
-        The <a href="release_1_2.html">release notes</a> are also available.
-      </p>
-      <p>
-        For previous releases, see the <a href="">Apache
+        CLI2 is a component in the Commons Sandbox and therefore has not had a release. 
@@ -109,83 +65,11 @@
       <p>The <a href="mail-lists.html">commons mailing lists</a> act as
the main support forum. The user list
       is suitable for most library usage queries. The dev list is intended for the development
discussion. Please
       remember that the lists are shared between all commons components, so prefix your email
subject by
-      <code>[cli]</code>.</p>
+      <code>[cli2]</code>.</p>
       <p>Issues may be reported via the <a href="issue-tracking.html">ASF JIRA</a>.</p>
-      <!--      <p>
-              CLI1 was formed by the merger of ideas and code from three different
-              libraries and allows most simple interfaces to be modelled.  CLI1
-              became increasingly difficult to maintain and develop further and so
-              CLI2 has been developed with the goals of clearer responsibilities and
-              being more flexible.  The intention is that CLI2 should be able to
-              model a far greater selection of interfaces and do so more completely,
-              validating as much as possible.
-            </p>
-            <p>
-              The redesigned CLI2 is rooted in the <code>org.apache.commons.cli2</code>
-              package and the distribution retains the <code>org.apache.commons.cli</code>
-              package so that the upgrade doesn't break old code.  The CLI1 package
-              should be regarded as deprecated to encourage the transition to the
-              more flexible CLI2 framework but minor bug fixes and patches may be
-              accepted to ensure that CLI1 based applications continue to function as
-              expected.
-            </p>
-            <p>
-              The rest of the documentation is split into the following three sections:
-              <ul>
-                <li><a href="manual/index.html">CLI2</a> - a reference
manual for version 2</li>
-                <li><a href="introduction.html">CLI1</a> - documentation
for version 1 </li>
-                <li><a href="examples/index.html">Examples</a> - a selection
of worked examples demonstrating CLI2 features</li>
-              </ul>
-            </p>
-            <p>
-              The latest version of this documentation is available on the web:
-              <ul>
-                <li><a href=""></a></li>
-                <li>
-                  <a href=""></a>
-                  <a href=""><img border="0"
-                </li>
-              </ul>
-            </p>
-          </section>
-          <section name="Dependancies">
-            <p>
-              The generated list of <a href="dependencies.html">dependencies</a>
-              lists the libraries needed to compile and test Commons CLI.  To use
-              the precompiled distribution none of these dependancies are strictly
-              necessary.  The following is a breakdown of what is required and when:
-            </p>
-            <table>
-              <tr>
-                <th>Library</th><th>Usage</th>
-              </tr>
-              <tr>
-                <td>Java 1.2</td>
-                <td>This is the minimum java level needed to use CLI2</td>
-              </tr>
-              <tr>
-                <td>Java 1.4</td>
-                <td>Needed if the PreferencesCommandLine is needed</td>
-              </tr>
-              <tr>
-                <td>commons-lang</td>
-                <td>Needed if the CLI1 package is being used</td>
-              </tr>
-              <tr>
-                <td>jdepend</td>
-                <td>Needed to build and test CLI2 only</td>
-              </tr>
-              <tr>
-                <td>junit</td>
-                <td>Needed to build and test CLI1 and CLI2</td>
-              </tr>
-            </table>
-          </section>
-      -->

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