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Subject svn commit: r607940 - /commons/sandbox/exec/trunk/src/site/apt/tutorial.apt
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2008 22:55:53 GMT
Author: sgoeschl
Date: Tue Jan  1 14:55:53 2008
New Revision: 607940

First cut of a tutorial before I accidently delete it


Added: commons/sandbox/exec/trunk/src/site/apt/tutorial.apt
--- commons/sandbox/exec/trunk/src/site/apt/tutorial.apt (added)
+++ commons/sandbox/exec/trunk/src/site/apt/tutorial.apt Tue Jan  1 14:55:53 2008
@@ -0,0 +1,60 @@
+ --------
+Jakarta Commons Exec Tutorial
+ --------
+ --------
+14 December 2007
+ --------
+Jakarta Commons Exec
+* The First Encounter
+  At this point we can safely assume that you would like to start some stuff from withing
+  Java application and you spent some time here to do it properly. You look at Commons Exec
and think
+  "Wow - calling Runtime.exec() is a piece of cake and the Apache folks are wasting their
and my time 
+  with tons of code".
+  Well, we learned it the hard way (in my case more than once) that using plain Runtime.exec()
can be 
+  a painful experience. Therefore you are invited to delve into commons-exec and having a
look at the
+  hard lessons the easy way ...
+* Taming Your Process
+  Assume you are forced start Acrobat Reader 8.x from your Java server to print a PDF document.
+  very first question is - would you like to wait for the print process to finish (synchronous

+  execution) or do you run it independent from your process (asnynchrounous execution).q
+  You write
+  a tests, everything works but in production the server box crashes. A closer look reveals
that you 
+  succeeded in starting the print process but it somehow never terminated. The first lesson
learned is
+  that you need to ensure that your print job terminates after a while - you need a watchdog.
+  commons-exec provides such a thing
+  Reliably executing external processes can also require knowledge of the environment variables
before or after the
+  command is executed. In J2SE 1.1-1.4 there is not support for this, since the method, <<<System.getenv()>>>,
+  retriving environment variables is deprecated.
+  The are currently several different libraries that for their own purposes has implemented
frameworks around
+  <<<Runtime.exec()>>> to handle the various issue outlined above. The
proposed project should aim at coordinating and
+  learning from these initatives to create and maintain a simple, reusable and well-tested
package. Since some of the
+  more problematic platforms are not readily available, it is my hope that the broad Apache
community can be a
+  great help.
+* Scope of the package
+  The package shall create and maintain a process execution package written in the Java language
to be distributed
+  under the ASF license. The Java code might also be complemented with scripts (e.g. Perl
scripts) to fully enable
+  execution on some operating systems. The package should aim for supporting a wide range
of operating systems while
+  still having a consistent API for all platforms.
+* Identify the initial source for the package
+  Several implementations exists and should be researched before finalizing the design:
+ * Ant 1.X contains probably the most mature code within the exec task. This code has been
stripped of the
+   Ant specifics and cleaned up by Niklas Gustavsson and can be donated under the ASF license.
+ * Ideas from {{{} Ant2}}
+ * plexus-utils has a similar but slimmer BSD-licensed implementation than Ant that can be

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