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From Oliver Bienert <>
Subject Stateless form.processForm
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 16:22:14 GMT
Hello Cocoon users,

I have created a cocoon 2.2 project. It uses cforms to present a record
from an h2 database to the user. I use continuations and a page redirect
to switch between records:

        var form = new Form("cocoon://resource/internal/main_definition.xml");
        // Get data from database and update model
        var bean = javaMain.fillBean(active);
        // Load bean data into form
        form.showForm("main-display-pipeline", data);
        // After submit: Load form data into model;
        // Save bean to database
        // Issue a http redirect from client
In the sitemap I issue the redirect via redirect-to uri="..."

Works so far but I don't really feel this the right way to present records to a user. 
I mean I don't need a flow between pages so IMHO I don't need continuation. 

I found out about sending a form stateless by using sendForm.
When the form is submitted I could reattached data by form.processForm(viewdata).

Now here I'm stuck. How do I create an appropriate viewData map? I googled several hours,
but to no avail.
I found a solution with javaflow, but that's not an option for me:

        FormInstance form = new FormInstance("forms/formdefinition.xml"); 
        Form model = (Form) form.getModel();
        FormContext formContext = new FormContext(getRequest(), Locale.getDefault());
How would I do that in Javascript?

I tried something along those lines:

        function processForm() {
            var javaMain = cocoon.getComponent("mainbean");
            var form = new Form("cocoon://resource/internal/main_definition.xml");
            var request = cocoon.request;
            var bean = javaMain.newBean();

but get an error:

org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: "servlet:org.apache.cocoon.forms.impl.servlet+:/resource/internal/flow/javascript/Form.js",
line 157: Java class "org.apache.cocoon.environment.http.HttpRequest" has no public instance
field or method named "CocoonFormsInstance".

How is this supposed to work?

Regards Oliver

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