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From Mika M Lehtonen <>
Subject Re: from Cforms to Wicket
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2013 19:08:53 GMT
Hi Francesco,
let me tell you what I have now.
I implemented a feedback web application for municipial use with C2.11. 
The app is built so that the administrator can create forms picking 
fields and controls he/she needs. These setting are saved into db. The 
end-user app reads these settings from db, creates XML definition and 
through XSL transforms these settings into valid Cforms 
definition/template and finally creates forms wanted out of this all.

This is highly dynamic system where we also implemented special data 
model where horizontal tables are converted into vertical direction, 
that is, there is one row per fom field, not a column.

I was warned about using C2.11 for this, but I wanted to use it anyway 
because I was familiar with it already. Now I would like to get rid of 
C2.11 but I really don't know how. I would like to switch into C3 but 
that is something I am not familiar with.

I could go with the stream and use AJAX and like jQuery.. still i would 
have the same problem - how to create controls out of XML definition. So 
XML driven form platform is something I would prefer, you see, I would 
only need XSLT.

I hope I made my needs little clearer.

- mika -

17.2.2013 20:30, Francesco Chicchiriccò kirjoitti:
> On 15/02/2013 22:11, Mika M Lehtonen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have an application using dynamic Cforms (C2.11), that is, the 
>> Cforms definition and templates are created from dynamic XML through 
>> XSL.
>> Can this be done with C3 and wickets?
>> From somewhere I read about the fact that with Apache Wickets you 
>> don't need any XML..
> Hi Mika,
> what do you want to achieve exactly?
> Apache Wicket is a component-based framework for developing web 
> applications: I know from their project site that the project claims 
> "a refreshing lack of XML", and I also know that Wicket fully supports 
> form processing.
> From the other side, Cocoon 3.0 features Wicket integration (more 
> details at [1]) that can help achieving some particular use cases.
> Regards.
> [1] 

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