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From Robby Pelssers <>
Subject RE: Flowscript - delete file
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2012 17:26:57 GMT
Hi Peter,

I did not test the script I wrote actually and I can tell you why the script runs into an

.delete() is also a javascript method on an object.  It will delete a property by the name
you specify.  As you clearly want to call the delete method on the file you need to use the
workaround you used.

Kind regards,

From: Peter Sparkes []
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 8:58 AM
Subject: Re: Flowscript - delete file

Hi Martin and Robby,

Thank you both for your help, what I have ended up with is:


function deletefile() {

    //var filePath = cocoon.parameters["file"];

    var filePath = "D:/cocoon-2.1.11-wl/build/webapp/B&B/xml/9999.xml";  //for testing
    var file = new File(filePath);
     try {
        if (!file.exists()) {
           throw new FileNotFoundException(filePath);
    } catch (e) {

However, file.delete(); produces a syntax error.

If I comment out file.delete(), the rest of the script works correctly:

  *   If 9999.xml exists, deletefilesuccess is accessed
  *   If 9999.xml does not exist, deletefileerror is accessed and I get:

Error File D:/cocoon-2.1.11-wl/build/webapp/B&B/xml/9999.xml
Not Found
What's wrong with file.delete(); ?



On 27/12/2012 18:35, Martin Heiden wrote:

Hi Peter,

Ok, I missed something:

 var xml_file ="D:\cocoon-2.1.11-wl\build\webapp\B&B\xml" + file
+ ".xml");

should be:

 var xml_file = new"D:\cocoon-2.1.11-wl\build\webapp\B&B\xml" +
file + ".xml");

But you should try the function Robby sent to the list. It's much




Thursday, December 27, 2012, 6:12:08 PM, you wrote:

PS> Hi Martin

PS> Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately I get the same  error. The error log gives:

PS> ERROR (2012-12-27) 15:30.46:723 [flow] (/office/deletefile_9999) PoolThread-4/JSErrorReporter:

PS> "file:///D:/cocoon-2.1.11-wl/build/webapp/office/flow/deletefile.js"<file:///D:\cocoon-2.1.11-wl\build\webapp\office\flow\deletefile.js>,
line 13: missing name after .

PS> operator

PS> ERROR (2012-12-27) 15:30.46:723 [sitemap.handled-errors] (/office/deletefile_9999)

PS> PoolThread-4/ErrorHandlerHelper: Sitemap: error calling function 'deletefile'

PS>      at <map:call> -

PS> file:///D:/cocoon-2.1.11-wl/build/webapp/office/sitemap.xmap:230:37<file:///D:\cocoon-2.1.11-wl\build\webapp\office\sitemap.xmap:230:37>

PS>      at <map:mount> -

PS> file:///D:/cocoon-2.1.11-wl/build/webapp/sitemap.xmap:783:90<file:///D:\cocoon-2.1.11-wl\build\webapp\sitemap.xmap:783:90>

PS> org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException:

PS> "file:///D:/cocoon-2.1.11-wl/build/webapp/office/flow/deletefile.js"<file:///D:\cocoon-2.1.11-wl\build\webapp\office\flow\deletefile.js>,
line 1: Compilation produced 1

PS> syntax errors.

PS>      at

PS> org.apache.cocoon.components.flow.javascript.JSErrorReporter.runtimeError(

PS> regards

PS> Peter

PS> On 27/12/2012 11:42, Martin Heiden wrote:

Hi Peter,

PS>              //Delete file

PS>    ;



You just have to add the full "path" to the class when you

construct it. After this, the variable contains a reference and you

can just use it.



Thursday, December 27, 2012, 10:28:31 AM, you wrote:

PS> Hi,

PS> I am trying to delete xml files using the following flowscript:

PS>     function deletefile() {

PS>          //file to be deleted

PS>          var file =


PS>          try {

PS>              // creating a link to the file to be deleted

PS>              var xml_file =

PS>"D:\cocoon-2.1.11-wl\build\webapp\B&B\xml" + file

PS>     + ".xml");

PS>              //Delete file

PS>    ;

PS>              //  .txt file with OK message

PS>              cocoon.sendPage("success.txt", null);

PS>          }

PS>          catch(ex){

PS>              cocoon.log.error(ex);

PS>              // Smth. went wrong. Sending a error.txt file to the browser

PS>            cocoon.sendPage("error.txt", null);

PS>          }

PS>     }

PS> and get "Compilation produced 1 syntax errors"

PS> The error log contains:

PS>     ERROR ............    deletefile.js", line 13: missing name after . operator

PS> line 13 is:


PS> What I am doing wrong?

PS> Peter


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