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From Bardo Nelgen <>
Subject Setting HTTP protocol header LINK using header action
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 21:52:14 GMT

Hi all,

has anyone so far been successful setting a HTTP protocol LINK parameter

(according to )

using the cocoon header action? Unfortunately the newer response header 
transformer doesn't seem to live up to its promises quite yet, so I'm 
currently trying with the action.

By now, I've been successful using the following dummy data

> <map:act type="header">
>            <map:parameter name="content-language" value="{flow-attribute:locale}"
>            <map:parameter name="author" value="BNN" />
>            <map:parameter name="revised" value="Bardo Nelgen, 2012-09-11" />
>            <map:parameter name="X-content-age" value="16" />
>            <map:parameter name="dc.title" value="{flow-attribute:mtit}" />
>            <map:parameter name="Description" value="{flow-attribute:mdesc}" />
>            <map:parameter name="Keywords" value="{flow-attribute:keys}" />
>            <map:parameter name="geo.position" value="49.975712,8.11796" />
>            <map:parameter name="ICBM" value="49.975712,8.11796" />
> </map:act>

with all parameters absolutely correctly ending up in the HTTP response 
header for the particular request.

Though, as soon as trying with the Link parameter, webbrowsers do not 
appear to recognize the result correctly from the resulting output: It 
makes it right into the header, though obviously in the wrong format, 
leaving me with

> Link </images/semawine/RheinhessenWein.gif>; rel='shortcut',
> </images/semawine/RheinhessenWein.gif>; rel='icon',
> <>; rel='bookmark',
> <>; rel='canonical',
> <#top>; rel='start'; title*=UTF-8'de'zum%20Seitenanfang

Maybe I'm getting something wrong with the syntax at this point…

> <map:parameter name="Link" value="   &#60;/images/semawine/RheinhessenWein.gif&#62;;
>                                       &#60;/images/semawine/RheinhessenWein.gif&#62;;
>                                       &#60;{1}.html&#62;;
>                                       &#60;{1}.html&#62;;
>                                       &#60;#top&#62;;     rel='start';      
    title*=UTF-8'de'zum%20Seitenanfang " />

Any ideas or guesses on how to get this right are highly appreciated!!



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