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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: Cocoon maven artifacts versions in repo concerns FOP
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 11:37:08 GMT
On 10/12/2012 15:33, Eduard Tibet wrote:
> Hello!

Hi Eduard,
premise: I never used C2.2 in production - I've jumped from C2.1 to C3 - 
so I might say bullshits :-)

> Some offtopic, but I suggest this info can be useful for others. We build our application
based on Apache Cocoon 2.2. We also use Apache FOP version 1.1 and have our own block for
it. Unfortunately there are some inconsistence in maven dependencies from FOP-Cocoon point
of view.
> Cocoon:
> org.apache.cocoon:cocoon-core:2.2.0 > org.apache.avalon.framework:avalon-framework-impl
(and here is only 4.3.1 in repo).
> Our block depend on:
> org.apache.xmlgraphics:fop:1.1 BUT it depends on org.apache.avalon.framework:avalon-framework-impl:4.2.0
. Here [1] is the thread in fop-usr mailing list with some info, why it is so.
> So the questions are:
> 1. Is it possible (of course, locally) to include the "old" 4.2.0 lib in Apache Cocoon
with the same exclusion of 4.3.1?What does it mean for Cocoon stability|issues?

I don't have any culprit about this: just try and see how it is going...

> 2. Do you know any elegant way to include fop 1.1 lib in Cocoon within current pom content?

Just override this dependency in your project's POM file and you should 
be fine.

> [1]:
> Thank you!
> P.S. I suggest the same (or better to say "reverse") situation happens with batik libs
(1.6.1 in Cocoon 2.2 and 1.7 in FOP 1.1)

I see the same solution here, by tweaking your own project's POM file(s).

Please report if you find any significant library incompatibility with 
either FOP/Avalon and Batik.


Francesco Chicchiriccò

ASF Member, Apache Syncope PMC chair, Apache Cocoon PMC Member

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