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From André Juffer <>
Subject [C3] Sting template, passing argument to method
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 06:53:10 GMT

I am dealing with the following problem. A REST resource returns an 
(DTO) object called statistics (of type Statistics) holding various 
properties. With string template, each property can be inserted into an 
XML file, like


where the corresponding method on the Statistics object is getPropertyA().

One of the properties requires an argument of type String, where the 
actual method signature is getNumberFor(String name). It returns an int. 
The name is obtained from a list of names obtained from the statistics 
objects as well. The idea is to iterate through the list of names and 
return a number (int) for each name.

Thus, the XML code that I try to complete looks like:
   $statistics.names: { name |

The Statistics object holds among other things a Map<String, Integer> 
with the requested numbers.

The line $statistics.numberFor(name)$ is however erroneous. I cannot 
pass the current value of name to the method in question.

My question is now: How to pass a argument to a given method on an 
object using string template. The string template website did not give a 
clear answer, so maybe it is not even possible, or maybe I just 
completely overlooked it.

Any help is appreciated.

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