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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: authentication framework problem
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 13:58:39 GMT
On 7/23/2012 5:27 PM, Lars Huttar wrote:
> Another angle: in the deprecation.log, I get
>   WARN  (2012-07-23) 16:22.48:459 [deprecation]
> (/mount/ethnologue-17-pub/dataset/country-header/-/-/source)
> catalina-exec-5/Deprecation.LoggerWrapper: The authentication-fw block
> is deprecated. Please use the auth block instead.
> Ah, I say, there is something new to replace the authentication
> framework I'm using!
> But in the samples/blocks folder, there is "authentication-fw" but no
> "auth" block. Where do I find "auth"?

I wonder if "auth" is the same as "CAuth", which I think refers to
org.apache.cocoon.auth package. [0]
But I haven't yet found documentation on how to use this package in
Cocoon 2.1.11; only JavaDoc pages.

Of the deprecated API items on [1] that have to do with authentication,
the only one that lists a replacement is


          /Use the |GroupBasedProfileManager|

But the doc for GroupBasedProfileManager [2] says "THIS IS A WORK IN

Is CAuth the latest way to go, in 2.1.11? Is it tied to portals? (I have
no particular interest in using portal, but can if necessary in order to
get authentication in a way that works.)
 I see this in cocoon.xconf:
<portal name="portal">

Does this mean I need to use ProfileManager, or is that just one way to
use CAuth?
When I look up authentication in Cocoon portals [3], it tells me how to
use authentication framework, which I now know is deprecated.

I feel like I've been following hints of various authentication
mechanisms through a "maze of twisty packages, all alike", and not
finding a description of one that actually works in Cocoon 2.1.11.


(I've also seen hints of Cocoon 2.1.12-dev, but AFAIK that never made it
to release. I don't foresee migrating all our apps to Cocoon 2.2 just to
add authentication to a couple of resources. Instead I would probably
use a selector or something.)



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