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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: How/where to create a sitemap in a generated Cocoon 3 web app?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 09:08:41 GMT
On 02/03/2012 07:47, Jos Snellings wrote:
> [...]
> And true, the documentation on the site does not make it easy enough
> to step up the threshold and upgrade.
> [@group: shouldn't we do something about that. Cocoon is losing its
> user base, it will end up getting adopted only by a few old people out
> there. It is gaining momentum on the planet Zork but that's not going
> to help us on Earth, is it?]

I agree: should we move to dev ML and discuss this "getting started /
documentation" topic?

> I hope this helps you on the way. It would make me very happy to know
> that I am not one of the sole developers
> on this planet who chose cocoon 3 as a development platform, for the
> few times in your life that you are in the
> position to make this choice for your customer! I chose for cocoon 3
> because I liked the new architecture.

You're not alone, Jos! We are trying to push a C3-based front-end
framework for Hippo CMS [1]: we've been quiet for a while, but things
should start rolling again soon...

> [@group: this can be the start for a tutorial for newbies, someone
> interested? I feel that the maven integration and
> the spring part deserve better explanation, they are way too arcane
> for starters. A tutorial could explain how to get things
> done without first studying two other frameworks.]

Agreed: see my comment above.

I hope that Lars will keep trying with C3, and maybe discover what's new
behind traditional sitemap way to pipelines!



Francesco Chicchiriccò

Apache Cocoon PMC and Apache Syncope PPMC Member

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