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From "Mark H. Wood" <mw...@IUPUI.Edu>
Subject Re: How/where to create a sitemap in a generated Cocoon 3 web app?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 13:52:48 GMT
On Fri, Mar 02, 2012 at 10:08:41AM +0100, Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:
> On 02/03/2012 07:47, Jos Snellings wrote:
> > [...]
> >
> > And true, the documentation on the site does not make it easy enough
> > to step up the threshold and upgrade.
> > [@group: shouldn't we do something about that. Cocoon is losing its
> > user base, it will end up getting adopted only by a few old people out
> > there. It is gaining momentum on the planet Zork but that's not going
> > to help us on Earth, is it?]
> I agree: should we move to dev ML and discuss this "getting started /
> documentation" topic?
> > I hope this helps you on the way. It would make me very happy to know
> > that I am not one of the sole developers
> > on this planet who chose cocoon 3 as a development platform, for the
> > few times in your life that you are in the
> > position to make this choice for your customer! I chose for cocoon 3
> > because I liked the new architecture.

Maybe if it were RELEASED....

From the homepage:

  Apache Cocoon 3
    Corona was accepted by the Cocoon PMC to become Apache Cocoon
    3. The Cocoon 3 website has more details. A first ALPHA release
    will follow soon. [more] 
    submitted by Reinhard P�tz, 8/14/08 7:23:55 AM
[That is the LATEST entry in the News section.]

  Download the latest version:  Apache Cocoon Version 2.2.0

Some documentation that tells us a little more than "TBD" would also
help promote Cocoon.

I have what I think is still the latest book on Cocoon.  It's from
2003.  IIRC 2.1 entered beta while the book was being completed.  It
has a whole chapter about Avalon, which you can hardly even find
anymore.  It's still a godsend if you want to find out how Cocoon was
meant to be used.

For everyone outside the project, 2.2 hasn't quite finished happening
yet and 3.0 is just a wild rumor.  People who built their products
around Cocoon feel abandoned.  Nothing is happening.  Bug reports seem
to be immortal -- even the ones with fixes attached.

Gee, why would Cocoon be losing its user base?

Mark H. Wood, Lead System Programmer   mwood@IUPUI.Edu
Asking whether markets are efficient is like asking whether people are smart.

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