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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: C3 alpha-3 mvn dependency error: cocoon-optional
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2011 07:20:33 GMT
Hi Lars,
nice to see that you are putting your hands on Cocoon 3 :-)

See my comments embedded below.


On 27/07/2011 22:56, Lars Huttar wrote:
> On 7/27/2011 3:06 PM, Lars Huttar wrote:
>> Now I'm really in over my head. Searching at 
>> the only artifact there named "jersey" is from group 
>>, which also has an artifact named "server". Could 
>> the project have split "jersey-server" into two parts, and changed to 
>> a completely different groupId?? There are no search results for an 
>> artifact named "jersey-server".
> OK, now I've made it work.
> Besides removing "-SNAPSHOT" from the <version> of the cocoon-optional 
> <dependency> in the generated pom.xml,

This problem - wrong version for cocoon-optional in 
cocoon-archetype-sample pom.xml - has already been fixed in version 
beta-1-SNAPSHOT. Thanks anyway for reporting - and good fix ;-)

> I followed the advice of 
> "And the following repositories need to be added to the pom:
> <repositories>
> <repository>
> <id></id>
> <name> Repository for Maven</name>
> <url></url>
> <layout>default</layout>
> </repository>
> <repository>
> <id></id>
> <name> Maven 1 Repository (legacy)</name>
> <url></url>
> <layout>legacy</layout>
> </repository>
> </repositories>
> "
> I added those to the generated pom.xml.

Actually, this is a bit too much: you only need to add

<name> Repository for Maven</name>

before </project>, at the end of pom.xml.

I've just fixed this in the trunk, thanks again for reporting.

> Now jetty runs... hooray!
> (Although there are still several warnings about logger.)
> The instructions at
> are also incorrect in that they say "point your browser at 
> http://localhost:8080" - For me at least, the port is 8888, and I'm 
> pretty sure I didn't do anything special to configure that.

I've fixed this in the documentation for beta-1-SNAPSHOT, thanks: this 
means that you will see the fix online at next release.

I don't have permissions to modify 
/x1/www/ on, so I 
am not able to fix the online version: is there anyone who can do this 
quick fix?

> Question: was I right to add those repositories to my generated 
> pom.xml? If so, I'll have to add them to the pom.xml of each of the 
> other artifacts I generate: archetype-block, archetype-webapp, 
> archetype-parent? Should I instead add them to the Super-POM that I 
> read about, and if so, where is that?
> Then once I've created all these artifacts, where do I develop my code 
> -- under the webapp artifact?
> What is the purpose of the parent module that I'm told to create? Does 
> it even affect the webapp?
> A similar question goes for the empty cocoon block, and the samples 
> block. I guess the empty cocoon block is a dependency for the webapp, 
> but what about the others? Do I need to add them as dependencies too?

The logic behind the four available archetypes is very close to Cocoon 
2.2 approach [1]: the typical scenario is when you have a single webapp, 
and one or more blocks implementing features. In order to group all 
these modules together, you need what you are calling "Super-POM" i.e.a 
multi-module Maven project. About this, there is an archetype for every 
kind of project: block, webapp and parent.

> Sorry to lob so many questions, but I am doing my best to get oriented 
> to how Cocoon and its dependencies work, so that I will be able to use 
> it effectively and contribute to development where needed.
> I will try to blog what I learn (or contribute to Cocoon 3 docs) so 
> that others will have an easier time learning the system.

Try-outs, tests, questions and blog posts are very very welcome :-)


Francesco Chicchiriccò

Apache Cocoon Committer and PMC Member

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