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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: C3 alpha-3 mvn dependency error: cocoon-optional
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 20:56:18 GMT
On 7/27/2011 3:06 PM, Lars Huttar wrote:
> Now I'm really in over my head. Searching at 
> the only artifact there named "jersey" is from group 
>, which also has an artifact named "server". Could 
> the project have split "jersey-server" into two parts, and changed to 
> a completely different groupId?? There are no search results for an 
> artifact named "jersey-server".
> Help...
> Lars

OK, now I've made it work.
Besides removing "-SNAPSHOT" from the <version> of the cocoon-optional 
<dependency> in the generated pom.xml, I followed the advice of

"And the following repositories need to be added to the pom:

<name> Repository for Maven</name>
<name> Maven 1 Repository (legacy)</name>

I added those to the generated pom.xml.

Now jetty runs... hooray!
(Although there are still several warnings about logger.)

The instructions at
are also incorrect in that they say "point your browser at 
http://localhost:8080" - For me at least, the port is 8888, and I'm 
pretty sure I didn't do anything special to configure that.

Question: was I right to add those repositories to my generated pom.xml? 
If so, I'll have to add them to the pom.xml of each of the other 
artifacts I generate: archetype-block, archetype-webapp, 
archetype-parent? Should I instead add them to the Super-POM that I read 
about, and if so, where is that?

Then once I've created all these artifacts, where do I develop my code 
-- under the webapp artifact?

What is the purpose of the parent module that I'm told to create? Does 
it even affect the webapp?
A similar question goes for the empty cocoon block, and the samples 
block. I guess the empty cocoon block is a dependency for the webapp, 
but what about the others? Do I need to add them as dependencies too?

Sorry to lob so many questions, but I am doing my best to get oriented 
to how Cocoon and its dependencies work, so that I will be able to use 
it effectively and contribute to development where needed.

I will try to blog what I learn (or contribute to Cocoon 3 docs) so that 
others will have an easier time learning the system.


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