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From Wendell Piez <>
Subject Re: uncompressed file in zip from ZipArchive serializer?
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 18:20:55 GMT
Dear Andreas,

On 7/19/2011 4:02 AM, you wrote:
 > no, I am thinking in terms of Java coding, not just sitemap 
configuration. But nevertheless the sitemap components like the 
ZipSerializer are straight-forward pieces of software andeasy to expand 
if you're a medium java programmer.
 > In your special caser I was thinking of extending the existing 
serializer with a few more lines of code. If you don't feel comfortable 
with this maybe you got some Java nerds in your project ?

Alas no, my expertise is in XML, XSLT and publishing systems, not Java.

Even if I were willing to hack the code, it wouldn't be an option I 
would be comfortable with, for long-term maintenance. The production 
process is run once a year (this is for the Proceedings of Balisage: the 
Markup Conference), and I need its installation to be very stable, to 
persist across machine and personnel changes.

What would it take to get this important extension to the ZipArchive 
functionality into the core (or an analogous solution such as an EPUB 
serializer that would know how to do the right thing)?


> ----- original Nachricht --------
> Betreff: Re: uncompressed file in zip from ZipArchive serializer?
> Gesendet: Mo, 18. Jul 2011
> Von: Wendell Piez<>
>> Dear Andreas,
>> This is good news.
>> On 7/18/2011 2:59 PM, wrote:
>>> don't worry to enhance the Zip serializer ! Just another attribute in
>>> the input structure to set the method to 'STORED' aka 'uncompressed'
>>> and your done ...
>> Cool. Could you please be specific as to how I would do this?
>> Currently I have:
>> <zip:archive xmlns:zip="">
>>     <zip:entry name="mimetype" serializer="text">
>>       <mimetype>application/epub+zip</mimetype>
>>     </zip:entry>
>>     ...
>> (Note that the 'text' serializer will prevent emitting the extra
>> <mimetype>...</mimetype>  tagging, which isn't wanted in the output but
>> which Cocoon seems to require in the input.)
>> I could also do it like this, slightly less conveniently, asking Cocoon
>> to serve the 'mimetype' file from a pipeline:
>> <zip:archive xmlns:zip="">
>>     <zip:entry name="mimetype" src="cocoon:/mimetype"/>
>>     ...
>> Would you be able to tell me which attribute should be modified where,
>> using either or both these approaches, or a different one, to get the
>> mimetype file into the zip uncompressed?
>>   From your email I might guess @method='stored' or 'STORED' on
>> zip:entry, but I haven't yet had any luck with this.
>> Gratefully,
>> Wendell

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