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From Wendell Piez <>
Subject Re: uncompressed file in zip from ZipArchive serializer?
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 20:35:55 GMT
Dear Andreas,

This is good news.

On 7/18/2011 2:59 PM, wrote:
> don't worry to enhance the Zip serializer ! Just another attribute in
> the input structure to set the method to 'STORED' aka 'uncompressed'
> and your done ...

Cool. Could you please be specific as to how I would do this?

Currently I have:

<zip:archive xmlns:zip="">
   <zip:entry name="mimetype" serializer="text">

(Note that the 'text' serializer will prevent emitting the extra 
<mimetype>...</mimetype> tagging, which isn't wanted in the output but 
which Cocoon seems to require in the input.)

I could also do it like this, slightly less conveniently, asking Cocoon
to serve the 'mimetype' file from a pipeline:

<zip:archive xmlns:zip="">
   <zip:entry name="mimetype" src="cocoon:/mimetype"/>

Would you be able to tell me which attribute should be modified where, 
using either or both these approaches, or a different one, to get the 
mimetype file into the zip uncompressed?

 From your email I might guess @method='stored' or 'STORED' on 
zip:entry, but I haven't yet had any luck with this.


> ----- original Nachricht --------
> Betreff: uncompressed file in zip from ZipArchive serializer?
> Gesendet: Mo, 18. Jul 2011 Von: Wendell
> Piez<>
>> Hi,
>> I am currently using Cocoon to produce EPUB files, using the
>> ZipArchive serialization method.
>> One requirement of EPUB is that the first file in the archive, the
>> mimetype file, not be compressed. (It needs to be visible
>> uncompressed starting at byte 30 of the EPUB file.) Until I can do
>> this my EPUBs won't be compliant.
>> I don't see any way of doing this with the current zipArchive
>> serialization. And the page at
>> would seem
>> to suggest it is not now supported OOTB. Am I stuck or do readers
>> of this list have any good suggestions?
>> Thanks, Wendell
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