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From Jürgen Ragaller <>
Subject [cocoon 2.1.x, lenys 2.0.3] cocoon forms > duplication of form items
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 14:11:04 GMT
Hi Cocoon users

I currently upgrade our lenya publication to the latest stable lenya version (2.0.1 > 2.0.3).
That is a change of the cocoon version from 2.1.11 to 2.1.x

My cocoon form no longer works as expected:
The form fields are duplicated (form definitions and resulting output see below) - strange

Has someone experienced something similar?

Any ideas or hints how to resolve that problem are much appreciated.


Form definition:

<fd:field id="name" required="true">
        <i18n:text key="label-name">Name</i18n:text>
      <fd:datatype base="string" />
        <fd:length min="2">

Form jx-template:

      <input type="hidden" name="lenya.continuation" value="${}"/>
      <input type="hidden" id="lenya.submit" name="lenya.submit" value="ok"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="name"/><ft:widget id="name" />
      <ft:widget-label id="vorname"/><ft:widget id="vorname"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="firma"/><ft:widget id="firma"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="adresse"/><ft:widget id="adresse"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="plz"/><ft:widget id="plz"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="ort"/><ft:widget id="ort"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="telefon"/><ft:widget id="telefon"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="email"/><ft:widget id="email"/>
      <ft:widget-label id="bemerkungen"/>
      <ft:widget id="bemerkungen" class="textarea">
        <fi:styling type="textarea" />


<fb:value id="name" path="name"/>

Form Output:

  <td class="forms label">
  <label title="" for="name:input" id="name:label" class="forms field-label active">Name</label></td>
  <td class="forms content"><label title="" for="name:input" id="name:label" class="forms
field-label active">Name</label></td>
  <td class="forms label"><label title="" for="name:input" id="name:label" class="forms
field active required">Name</label></td>
  <td class="forms content">
  <span id="name">
  <input type="text" title="" value="" id="name:input" name="name" class="forms field active
required" />
  <span class="forms-field-required forms field required-mark">*</span>

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