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From "Hugh Sparks" <>
Subject Re: [C3] Building and running cocoon-sample
Date Tue, 25 May 2010 13:51:44 GMT
> Hugh Sparks frets:
> I haven't been able to run the cocoon-sample in the
> current Cocoon 3 trunk for several weeks...

>> Reinhard Potz replies:
>> [...]
>> Have you changed the version of the cocoon-maven-plugin to the SNAPSHOT
>> version that you had created before?

I did and everything works. Thanks!

In case anyone else has been baffled trying to run cocoon3,
here are a few details:

    1) Checkout the cocoon 2.2 trunk and do "mvn install"
        This will have the side effect of getting the 1.0.0-RC1-SNAPSHOT
        version of the cocoon-maven-plugin in your .m2 cache.
    2) Checkout the cocoon 3 trunk to another directory. For example "cocoon3"
    3) Edit the file: cocoon3\parent\pom.xml
    4) Change the version element following <artifactId>cocoon-maven-plugin</artifactId>
        so it reads: <version>1.0.0-RC1-SNAPSHOT</version>
    5) Build and run the sample following the instructions in README.txt
    6) Rejoice and dance blissfully around the office. But don't tell anyone why
        or you'll end up in a straightjacket.

If you want to use cocoon-archetype-block or cocoon-archetype-parent, both
contain pom.xml files that need the same treatment:


-Hugh Sparks

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