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From Steven Hayes <>
Subject Has anyone used XPointer range-to in the XInclude transformer
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 10:51:20 GMT
Dear Cocooners,

I need to choose a range of elements in a XIncluded document. While I
have no problem with the following

<xi:include href="{$source_document}#xpointer(/TEI/text/body/div/*[2]/*[4])"/>

joining two xpointers with a range (and using what I understand to be
the correct syntax) returns nothing - i.e.

<xi:include href="{$source_document}#xpointer(/TEI/text/body/div/*[2]/*[4]/range-to(/TEI/text/body/div/*[4]/*[6]))"/>

In the abscence of this range-to function I am forced to labouriously
construct a series of includes for the start and end element and
everything in between. It is hard to descibe just how dificult I find
this latter approach.

According to the Cocoon documentation "The XInclude tansformer works
according to the XInclude specification" so either the documentation
is wrong or I dont understand the specification (the second option is,
I admit, more likely).

Any help would be very welcome.


Steven Hayes

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