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From Florent André <>
Subject FLOSS event in Bordeaux from 6 to 11 july
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:30:30 GMT
Hi all,

>From 6 to 11 july 2010, the RMLL (Rencontre Mondiale du Logiciel Libre
[2]) take place. 

This is a big meeting on libre (aka floss) software, that is in Bordeaux
this year [3]. A great wine region - and my native too. 

RMLL is a quite big french free software event (2009 figures : 5000
attendees / 250 talks and 50 workshops). The entrance is free as in beer
AND as in speech   :-)

RMLL is a place where very different kinds of people can meet and exchange
during conferences and workshops : from linux kernel hackers to educational
/ health / artistic people interested in free software.

It is not a problem to talk in English as we plan at least 1/2 day of
english spoken conferences.
And it is also possible to do many conferences if you have plenty of
subject "you" want to talk about ;-)

For example, last year we had those conferences (for the Internet thema);
chosen ones:

   * Thelia: e-commerce CMS
   * Firefox 3.5, HTML5 and beyond
   * eZ Publish: CMS for business
   * Drupal: weakness, strength and key principles of implementation
   * Protocol development at IETF: RFCs
   * Choosing a CMS for public administration

As you can see, topics can ben very specific or more likely, ground
topics. We hope this year to reconduce top levels speakers such as Paul
Rouget from Mozilla Europe.

If you want to go as visitors, really no problem. 

If you want to present your Apache project to tons of geeks, or organizate
a meeting/community day, no problem to ! This type of events are in the
RMLL scope - and they can provide facilitates (room for meeting, internet

If you are interresting in organizate a presentation or meeting, send me
an email I will forward you to the good RMLL staff contact.

Don't hesitate if you have any question.

Good day

[1] :

[2] -- World Libre Software Meeting in word to word traduction (hyeer we
are like that in france :) ) / LSM or Libre Software Meeting for
international people (no more "super stars" when we talk to world :) )
-- 1/2 to 1/3 of presentations are in English during the RMLL


[4] RMLL thake place in a big university in Bordeaux. Entrance is free,
facilitate for working room or prestation too. You just have to pay travel
and sleeping room.  For sleeping room they have many student room, price
is nearly 13 euros by night + 2 euros for breakfast (REALLY competitiveness
! :) )

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