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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject [C3] Maybe a stupid question, but...
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:52:43 GMT
Hello gents,
I have a "traditional" (servlet / JSP / taglib / ...) web application  
in which I can get XHTML documents only as strings (they are stored as  
property values in a JCR repository). This means:

String (XHTML) -> JSP (through custom taglib)

I would like to do some content rewriting of these XHTML documents  
before sending to the output JSP, so basically:

String (XHTML) -> Cocoon pipeline, including one or more  
transformation and the HTML serializer -> JSP

My web application is already managed via maven 2; how can I include  
cocoon 3? Is there any document / how to about this?

Besides this, what generator should best fit the role, in terms of  
performance, of parsing an XML document from a String? SAX or the  
brand new StAX?

Thanks in advance.

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