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From "Sumit Saini" <>
Subject use cocoon framework to manage static content
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 09:44:06 GMT
Hi All,

I am new to cocoon and want to use this framework for my web application .

I am developing a web application using Spring/Hibernate frameworks. My
application is going to be a public facing application. The pages on this
application can be divided into categories. Pre-login & Post login.


Pre-Login pages: These are mainly going to be marketing/user education
pages. These are HTMLs/Jsps with el tags.


Post-Login pages: These are main application pages which are pure JSPs with
EL tags.


Since app has been launched, marketing team puts pressure on us to change
the content on the pre-login pages on almost daily basis. Currently, we are
handling this by sending the static files to the remote static server.


I want to streamline this process. The above one is tedious for changing the
content as presentation is mixed with content. Often this results in errors
& reworks.


Can I make use of Cocoon or some other XML based approach to address this
issue? I want, at least for static pages, to keep the presentation code on
static pages separate from content. This can enable the marketing team to
write content in simple text files, which eventually can be uploaded to the


Please suggest how can I achieve this using cocoon.  I wish for following: A
simple text file upload and then on the basis of EL tags on the JSPs,
content gets reflected on the pages of the running application.




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