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From "Schmitz, Jeffrey A" <>
Subject Validator ?s
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 19:40:19 GMT
   In the validator documentation is states the following:

As an alternative for fd:java, you can also add validators at run time to a form instance,
using the addValidator method on a form or widget. Since you then instantiate the validator
yourself, you can pass it anything you want, and it can be stateful.

However, it doesn't really say where in the cocoon ecosystem this injection of a validator
needs to occur.  Can anyone provide specifics on this?  E.g. is this done somewhere in the

Also, I've tried following the instructions for added a java validtor using fd:java, but it's
not getting triggered.  Below is my code, any ideas why it doesn't seem to be working?

    <fd:field id="name" required="true">
      <fd:datatype base="string"/>
        <fd:length min="2"/>
         <fd:java class="com.boeing.ssp.cforms.LoginValidator"/>
         <fd:failmessage>User does not exist.</fd:failmessage>

package com.boeing.ssp.cforms;

import org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.AbstractLogEnabled;
import org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.Widget;
import org.apache.cocoon.forms.validation.WidgetValidator;

import com.boeing.mifssp.CFormUtils;

public class LoginValidator extends AbstractLogEnabled  implements WidgetValidator {

     * @see org.apache.cocoon.forms.validation.WidgetValidator#validate(org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.Widget)
    public boolean validate(Widget widget) {
      String loginStrs[] = new String[1];
      getLogger().info("Validating user " + (String) widget.getValue());

          loginStrs[0] = (String) widget.getValue();
          boolean goodLogin = CFormUtils.submitIfQuery("loginCheck", "ivhm", "ModelManagement",
null, null, loginStrs);
      return goodLogin;


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