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From Johannes Lichtenberger <>
Subject Native XML database system / use cases
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 00:11:39 GMT
Hi all,

can you think of nice use cases for an integration of Cocoon into a
native XML database system?

I've recently implemented a generic Generator which reads whole
(shreddered) xml documents from the database system, am currently
implementing a simple XPathTransformer which reads an attribute from an
element "xpath", e.g.:

<xpath expression="count(//text())"/>

and an XQueryTransformer which does basically the same (but with

Furthermore I have integrated Saxon, but I'm not sure if it improves
performance and is more scalable if I write an XSLT Transformer which
uses the database internal tree structure instead of the TinyTree Saxon

I've currently another lecture, where we have to visualize flickr
pictures in Google Earth, but I think that it's nothing, which can
benefit from Cocoon, because it doesn't really make use of the
advantages of pipelines or REST (we have had to aggregate the pictures
and sort them according to views, sentiment and date -- to show only the
"best" pictures (furthermore we implemented a grid/circle layout to
prevent or reduce overlapping)).

Can you maybe imagine some nice simple examples, which really make use
of Cocoons strengths (I think it's still multichannel
publishing/pipelines and hopefully REST with Cocoon3).

Maybe a simple blog would be nice, what do you think? It could make use
of the StringTemplate integration and of the controller, which should
simplify the implementation of a RESTful blog.

Next week I've got a short presentation of my milestone which integrates
the above meantioned Generator and Transformers, but maybe you have also
ideas for other "cool" transformers.


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