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From Will Sheppard <>
Subject Cannot make Views work
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 16:55:18 GMT
I can't get views to work, at all.

I followed the instructions here:

First of all, there is a repeated typo in the documentation that needs to be
fixed: There is a missing ending tag </map:views> on most of the examples.
Also, the link to edit or comment on the document, doesn't work:

If I follow the examples and add the code with the missing </map:views>
inside the <map:pipeline> area, then I get an error "Cannot invoke views"
when trying to invoke it at

If I remove the wrapper of <map:views> and </map:views> then I get this
"Must set a generator before setting serializer 'xml' "
What? You aren't allowed to to use a generator in a view -- I thought that¹s
the whole point! 

If I put the view *after* the pipeline in question (instead of before) then
it seems to have no effect.

If I put the <map:views> section inside the <map:components> instead of
inside <map:pipelines>, then I get the error "Unknown component type 'views'

Am I missing something?
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