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From Florent André <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 3 and Cforms
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 12:44:38 GMT
On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 12:26:27 +0100, Reinhard Pötz <>
> Florent André wrote:
>> Hi all, hi Reinhard,
>> I see this on your website : "Cocoon 3 doesn't provide a stateful forms
>> framework." [1]
>> Does it mean that there will not have Cforms / Xforms solutions in
>> 3
>> ?>
>> And what about continuations (closely linked to forms no ?) ?
> It's my *personal* opinion that currently Wicket offers the best
> solution for Java-based web form development in most cases. Recently I
> was convinced that there are some cases where cForms have advantages but
> these are edge cases IMHO.

Ok, thanks
I just ask this question because I found Cform concept very "sexy", but I'm
not as involved in for well see limitations...

There is a simple way to integrate Wicket and Cocoon 3 ? 
If yes, could you give some pointers ? Add a sample in the future will be
very useful for simple user like me, I think.


> I use Cocoon to build RESTful web applications with strong Javascript
> clients running in the browser and all the form handling is done there.
> So for me there's no need of cForms/continuations any longer and
> therefore I don't invest time in any migration efforts. But as I said in
> the beginning of the mail, that's my personal opinion and if it makes
> sense to others a migration should be possible.

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