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From David Beasley <>
Subject Re: How to use SOAP to deliver a Cocoon report?
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 16:00:09 GMT
Thanks for both your suggestions; Andreas' idea was what I was looking 
for - a way to create a pipeline in Cocoon that takes a SOAP request as 
an input XML document, and performs various transformations so as to 
turn that into as SOAP response XML document. Yes, I can see now how it 
could be done - but on second thoughts, I'm not sure that its a sensible 
way to do it. This approach doesnt use the Axis Block, so I would have 
to re-implement much of the functionality that Axis provides.

Andreas, I'm interested to know how you see the relative pros/cons of 
your approach compared with using Axis?


Alexander Daniel wrote:
> On 28.09.2009, at 09:50, Andreas Kuehne wrote:
>> Hi Alexander,
>> I didn't get your solution right, I guess ... as far as I understand 
>> Davids use case he will get a soap request, want's to fiddle out some 
>> parameters and return a report wrapped as a soap response. This fits 
>> into these sparse lines of sitemap :
> Hi Andreas,
> I understood the use case of David differently: that he wants to 
> generate a report based on a SOAP response from some Web service.
> Now solutions for both uses cases are available :-)

David Beasley

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