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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: how-to query an xml repository efficiently
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 09:31:27 GMT
Hi Robby,

It sounds to me from your description that what you need is a common or 
garden CMS (Content Management System) based on a JCR (Java Content 
Repository) like Apache Jackrabbit [1] ).  There are a number of CMS 
projects built on top of this platform (Hippo CMS7 [2] for example).

Don't bother rolling your own repository when others have done it for 
you.  JCR would also give you versioning capabilities too.

This article [3] will give you an overview of how a JCR works and from 
it I think you'll see how your XML data (and all the images and other 
content) can be imported into the repository and indexed and organized 
and searched.  Actually the official JSR 170 [4] specification (I think 
it is still at version 1.0.1) is surprisingly interesting to read as 
well; especially where it describes the types of nodes.

David Legg


> So for certain "Filter"-criteria I'll have to get all possible values so
> they can pick one and for others I don't need to know anything about the
> actual data.
> The actual product xml-files are +- 500kb on average and I'm talking
> about LOTS of products so I have to consider performance upfront.
> SOLR seems good for indexing static html files etc but I don't get the
> impression it can offer the necessary functionality for this use case.
> Any comments??

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