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From Mika Lehtonen <>
Subject Re: xml2pgsql with cocoon?
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2009 19:55:27 GMT
Hi Jos,

and thanks for your reply.
SAX and JDBC.. I should have mentioned, that Java is my Achilles Heel. I 
can't claim that I had never written a single line of Java, shame on me. 
And your suggestion means a lot of Java jumping, right? I do have 
written code with C#, Perl, PHP, JS and done quite a lot of things with 
XML/XSLT/XSL-FO, but still a fresh start with Java in a project like 
this.. I don't know.. on the other hand, it would be a chance to grab 
the ox from its horns and do the inevitable.
I will probably represent the geometries with Geoserver and OpenLayers 
and probably include some attribute related functions into it. But there 
will be also some other applications. It's still all open. At this 
point, the major task is to get the data into database or actually build 
a "block" that will make "uploading" into database possible.

- mika -

Jos Snellings kirjoitti:
> Hello Mika,
> In your description you mention a maintenance task: data uploading and
> conversion: you need to parse XML data and insert extracted entities
> (polygons, ids) in a database. You do not need cocoon to do that.
> I would use SAX and simply JDBC.
> How do you represent your GIS-data for the users of your site?
> Kind regards,
> Jos
> On Mon, 2009-09-07 at 18:58 +0300, Mika Lehtonen wrote:
>> Hello Cocooners!
>> I have a little project going on with the following brief description. I 
>> was just wondering whether this be something that would be feasible to 
>> implement with Cocoon.
>> I have a XML schema and a Postgresql (PostGIS) table structure which fit 
>> together, at least as much as possible. What I would like to accomplish is:
>> 1) Upload a XML-file (Actually GML) into my server.
>> 2) Optionally validate it against the schema.
>> 3) Populate the Postgresql database with the data of that uploaded GML.
>> 4) Populate PostGIS columns of the database with the geometries in that 
>> GML-file.
>> And someday I might want to do the same other way round, that is, save a 
>> valid GML out of the Postgresql/PostGIS database.
>> Any hints/ideas are most welcome. And maybe I am just trying to 
>> re-invent a wheel again. If you know some framework/software which 
>> already does this, please share your knowledge.
>> With best regards,
>> Mika Lehtonen
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