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From Michael Jinks <>
Subject Re: "map match pattern" being ignored
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2009 18:25:37 GMT
Hi list.

I'm a sysadmin with no Cocoon experience who's been asked to deploy it
for a project.  One thing we need is to have a user-specific staging
area, analogous to Apache's ~user/public_html directory.

The requesting user was nice enough to provide me with an example to
cargo-cult from, so in the main sitemap.xmap I have:

     <map:match pattern="mjinks/**">
       <map:mount uri-prefix="mjinks/" check-reload="yes"
        src="file:///home/mjinks/cocoon-stage/" reload-method="synchron"/>

But, when I try to browse to "cocoon/mjinks" on our server, I  get:

 Resource not found
/var/lib/tomcat-5.5/webapps/cocoon/mjinks/sitemap.xmap (No such file
or directory)

So, apparently either my "match pattern" or my "mount uri-prefix" tag,
or both, are wrong.  Either that, or I've added that whole clause to
the wrong part of the sitemap.xmap file.  So, with apologies, I'm
attaching the whole file to this message since I'm not sure which
context matters.

Ugh.  Thanks in advance.

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