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From Paul Joseph <>
Subject two different templates for same form
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 20:18:47 GMT
Hi There,

Is it possible to have two CForm templates, which have the same data, 
just arranged in two different ways, and sharing the same flow script 
and the same form.  Each form has a button that when clicked will show 
the other form.

I have these xml files:

form_template1.xml--for form 1
form_template2.xml--for form 2
form.xml--common to both forms

These associated sitemap fragments:

<map:match pattern="*.continue">
  <map:call continuation="{1}"/>

<map:match pattern="*-display-pipeline">
  <map:generate src="{1}_template.xml"/>

And in flowcript:

function two_forms() {
    var formname = "context://myapp/form1.xml";
    var pipelinename="form1-display-pipeline";

    /*more code */
    if (showPageAndContinue(pipelinename, form, selectListData)) {
          if(form.submitId="save") {
            /*code for save*/
          if{form.submitId="form2") {
            showPageAndContinue("form2-display-pipeline", form, 

The problem is that I am able to save data when on form1, but on form2, 
I get this error when I try to save:
Sitemap: <map:call continuation> did not send a response at <map:call> 
and it says that my call failed in the sitemap on the line <map:call 
continuation="{1}"/> in the match for *.continue.

Any ideas re. what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.


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