Hello all,
I am currently working with the parallel inclusion through the IncludeTransformer. Our website is based on Cocoon 2.1.11.
It works fine and we truly like this feature, but I notice some strange behaviour :
Could someone explain to me if it is possible to include these 4 elements in 4 parallel threads or whether there are some limitations or restrictions on the parallelism ?
The other thing (less important since i found a workaround) is that parallelism seem to only work when referencing local elements through the cocoon protocol (URI like "cocoon:/"). As soon as we reference inclusions through "external" URLs (URI like "http://"), every inclusion seem to be processed sequentially.
Could you confirm this is the expected behaviour ? If someone can explain me why it is working this way I would be very interested.
Thank your very much for your help / time
& keep up the good work !