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From Víctor Pergolesi <>
Subject Re: How to send html/plain mail with sendmail logicsheet ?
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 17:36:05 GMT
Hi,  the information you need is in the link below

Tell us if you solve the problem, please.

I hope this help.

Victor Pergolesi
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From: hideki tihiri []
Sent: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 12:52:39 -0300
Subject: How to send html/plain mail with sendmail logicsheet ?

I do not succeed in sending an HTML mail (with also a regular text as fallback in case the
browser does not support it)  
I have following code (snippet):  


<sendmail:to><esql:get-string column="email"/></sendmail:to>    


<sendmail:smtphost><util:get-sitemap-parameter name="smtphost"/></sendmail:smtphost>


<sendmail:attachment mime-type="text/plain;charset=utf-8"><sendmail:param name="object"><xsp:expr>bodytxttmp</xsp:expr></sendmail:param></sendmail:attachment>

<sendmail:attachment mime-type="text/html" ><sendmail:param name="object"><xsp:expr>bodyhtmltmp</xsp:expr></sendmail:param></sendmail:attachment>
In GMAil the regular text shows AND after also the the HTML text.  
In hotmail I get a lot of strange characters (I support that has to do with the UTD- 8 ? 

bodytxttmp and bodyhtmltmp are String instances.  
Also, do I need to define the <sendmail:body>TEST</sendmail:body> or not ?   

HAs anyone experience with it ?   

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