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From Alexis Georges <>
Subject Best supported locale
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 14:35:06 GMT
Hello again everyone,

The same site (as the news site mentioned in my previous message), is  
localized into a few languages. In the sitemap, I use the simple match  
pattern "*/...", so in all my map:match, the first wildcard is assumed  
to be the language name (eg. "en", "fr", etc...)

Now if someone goes to BLAHBLAH/home/ then the sitemap correctly  
thinks that BLAHBLAH is the language.

I have looked at the Locale Action but I could not find a way to  
determine the best supported language.

So I have a few problems because I am unable to decide right away  
whether the language wildcard is either a valid language code or if it  
is supported.

Are there any suggestions?


Alexis Georges
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