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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: XSLT is Dead ?!
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 11:15:23 GMT
The main reason (speaking as a user) I think XSP was deprecated
is that it does not fit well with the cocoon mantra of 'separation of
concerns' i.e. too easy to mix in markup and code in one place (not
that you have to, of course).  I also used ESQ/XSP for my early DB
apps, but I really find that the flowscript, plus the SQLTransformer
does all that, with the added advantage (to me) of no Java being needed.
Login is pretty simple with the built-in functions.

Of course, these days its all Spring+Hibernate ... maybe one day I 
will take the giant leap needed for that!!

>>> On 2009/04/29 at 06:01, in message <>,
Ken Starks <> wrote:
Derek Hohls wrote:
> Ken
> I would echo most of your sentiments, except for the XSP part.
> I have found that the flowscript/JXT gives me all the logic/layout
> options I need ... without having to worry about any Java at all in
> my apps.  I think that is why the developers decided to deprecate
> XSP quite a while back, though I appreciate that not everybody 
> might think that's such a good idea!
Yes I will readily admit to not having explored JXT properly.

I happen to quite like ESQL and there is a short bit of XSP for a 
password-protected Login
in the book from which I learned Coccon (Macczar and Aston)
ISBN 0 672 32257 9

I don't count either of these as a real preference, its just a "if it 
ain't broke why fix it ?" feature for me.

> How do you use XSLT(2)?  I did not think Xalan supported it yet? eg
You can get cocoon to use saxon - other people have already replied.

One of the two or three bits of non-open source software I use is a good 
XML editor, Oxygen. sometime last year, they announced that Saxon 2.0 was
to be bundled with it for free. ("Hooray !").

> Derek

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