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From Ken Starks <>
Subject Re: XSLT is Dead ?!
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 16:01:16 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:
> Ken
> I would echo most of your sentiments, except for the XSP part.
> I have found that the flowscript/JXT gives me all the logic/layout
> options I need ... without having to worry about any Java at all in
> my apps.  I think that is why the developers decided to deprecate
> XSP quite a while back, though I appreciate that not everybody 
> might think that's such a good idea!
Yes I will readily admit to not having explored JXT properly.

I happen to quite like ESQL and there is a short bit of XSP for a 
password-protected Login
in the book from which I learned Coccon (Macczar and Aston)
ISBN 0 672 32257 9

I don't count either of these as a real preference, its just a "if it 
ain't broke why fix it ?" feature for me.

> How do you use XSLT(2)?  I did not think Xalan supported it yet? eg
You can get cocoon to use saxon - other people have already replied.

One of the two or three bits of non-open source software I use is a good 
XML editor, Oxygen. sometime last year, they announced that Saxon 2.0 was
to be bundled with it for free. ("Hooray !").

> Derek

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