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From Ken Starks <>
Subject Re: XSLT is Dead ?!
Date Sun, 26 Apr 2009 06:52:48 GMT
Stephen Winnall wrote:
> I think a lot of the anti-XSLT sentiment comes from people who don't 
> see the point of XML.
> XML and its philosophy are far too complicated for the average 
> designer-cum-website-hacker. This is neither a criticism of XML nor of 
> the d-c-w-h. XML and tools which make use of it and fairly advanced 
> IT, and enable complicated integration projects (such as one might 
> conduct with Cocoon). If you don't have a training in IT and don't 
> share a broader vision like the semantic web, you may crave "simpler" 
> tools for simple websites. And if you think you don't need XML, you 
> certainly won't think you need XSLT or any other XML-based technology.
> I agree with the point in previous posts about Cocoon's learning curve 
> being too daunting. I wonder if it would be easier if we had more 
> XML-based tools which hid XML itself from the user. For example, 
> graphical tools for the sitemap or for generating XSLT which hide the 
> grisly XML bits from the user. Speaking personally, I don't feel that 
> XML is a thing of beauty on the surface: but it certainly has deeper 
> virtues!
> Just some idle rambling on a Saturday evening...
> Steve
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An interesting post, this one, in the light of the two bits of 
cocoon-based training I shall be (or hope to be) giving over the summer. It
is after a bit ( OK, a lot) of arm-twisting by me that my clients have 
agreed - I hope - to allow  a Cocoon 2.1.x  installation on their

First batch of training - true Geeks, all. Not all, possibly none of 
them, 'into' XML

Second batch of training - a little girl of 10 years, who came asking 
for advice on typesetting a few songs she and a friend have composed. 
Just guitar chords so far, but there is a line of melody too. I hope to 
teach her abc notation (shouldn't be too difficult) and then put it 
through the cocoon abc / midi / ... system that comes as an example. Of 
course - she is ten, and not a geek - I shall
write the pipelines, all she will have to do is press buttons, and edit 
text files.

This little girl, to me, is the real cocoon customer, not the 'average 
designer-cum-website-hacker'. She is the one that,
by the magic of Cocoon, will get more out of the computer than she puts 
in.  (P.S.  shouldn't half impress her mother, too )

Bye for now,

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