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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Getting started with C2.2 -- where's the exception information?
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2009 06:17:00 GMT

No; I did not say that I thought 2.1 *was* unsupported, just that
I hoped it would not be.  Believe me, I do really appreciate the
generous effort and commitment from the experts that helps out
those of who do not "get" all the nuances as quickly.

I also did not take any offence - the Cocoon mailing list is actually
one of the most amazingly friendly and non-critical lists I know; we
all have our little rants from time-to-time, but everyone takes it
calmly and no one overreacts.

Finally< its good to see that projects are/have been making use 
of 2.2; that will help shake out the bugs and hopefully build towards 
some solid docs for it.  I am especially looking forward to more of
the "migrating from 2.1" stories and documents (which is where I 
suspect many are or might be going); as well as other entry-level
cases round Maven and the like.

For me, I am very happy that Cocoon has such a solid development
team who have a clear direction for it.


>>> On 2009/02/03 at 05:11, in message <gm9mq5$v6p$>,
Andreas Hartmann <> wrote:
Hi Derek,

> I agree from a *marketing* perspective that putting buzzwords 
> on your site is a way to attract new users - especially those who
> might otherwise be going to .NET or Ruby-on-Rails - not that I mean 
> to  imply the developers are doing this for that reason alone.  
> However, there is also such a thing as a "legacy" application; 
> while you (or others) might think that languages such as COBOL,
> FORTRAN, Pascal etc are "dead", I can almost guarantee you 
> there are millions of lines of code in those tools being written
> or maintained every year (C# notwithstanding). 
> There are many of us who have been using Cocoon for many 
> years now, and I would really hate to think we'll just be dumped 
> because some new ideas or support frameworks have emerged.

do you have the feeling that the 2.1 branch is not sufficiently 
supported anymore? If I understand Betrand correctly, it is officially

in maintenance mode and it is not planned to cease support. We (the 
Lenya community) are certainly going to need it for another couple of 
years, so we'll be bound to maintain it.

> Personally, I'd also like to see the documentation develop and
> mature a little more - there are certainly *lots* of "getting
> questions in the ML about 2.2 - and a book or half would also 
> provide some reassurance that a solid new ship is ready for all
> types of sailors.


> So yes, I am prepared to learn - no doubt I will have to - but it
> does not yet feel the right time for what appears to require a 
> significant upheaval.

Sorry if my mail caused any offence or could be taken personally, that

was not my intention. I only wanted to express the viewpoint of another

type of Cocoon user * the projects which depend on it.

Thanks for your reply!

-- Andreas

Andreas Hartmann, CTO
BeCompany GmbH 
Tel.: +41 (0) 43 818 57 01

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