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From Martin Holmes <>
Subject Re: Determining the host OS
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 21:49:39 GMT
My mistake here: I'd added it to one matcher, but I was looking for it 
in the output of another one. It works just fine!

Thanks indeed.


Andy Stevens wrote:
> 2009/1/20 Martin Holmes <>:
>> HI Steve,
>> Do you know how to call this in a sitemap? If I pass this into an XSLT
>> transformation:
>> <map:parameter name="osName" value="{}" />
>> the parameter is empty.
> That looks reasonable to me.  I assume you've got the input module
> defined somewhere? (either in the components section of the sitemap
> or, more likely, the default
> <component-instance
> class="org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.input.SystemPropertyModule"
> logger="core.modules.input" name="system-property"/>
> entry in cocoon.xconf)
> Chances are it would throw an error anyway if it wasn't.
> What if you try
> <map:parameter name="osName" value="testing-{}" />
> ?  Is the parameter still empty in your XSL?  If so, it's not the
> input module bit that's the problem.  What does the start of your XSL
> file (especially the xsl:param) look like?
> The system-property module is a jxpath-based one; I know the example
> on uses
> {system-property:substring-before(user.home,}
> but I'd have thought it should still be okay with no functions.  Do
> any other system properties work?  Perhaps the app server hides some
> of them - if you write a JSP that loops over them all and prints them
> out, is included in the list?  Are you getting any
> securitymanager errors appearing in the logs?
> Some more ideas at least.
> Andy

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