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From Peter Flynn <>
Subject Configuration oddity
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 09:40:06 GMT
I have a new installation of Cocoon on a new server, so I am slowly 
configuring it and moving apps across from the old machine. In the 
process I am trying to rationalise where stuff goes, as the old system 
was partly experimental and grew organically with very little planning.

In Tomcat's server.xml I specify my virtual hostname in Host/@name and 
the default directory in Context/docBase as /var/www/xml, which is where 
I want all document-based stuff to reside.

In the Cocoon mount-table.xml I give the name of a top-level directory:
   <mount uri-prefix="doc/" src="/var/www/xml/doc/" />

And in the sitemap.xmap for that directory I have
   <map:match pattern="">
     <map:redirect-to uri="index"/>
and a map pattern for "index".

So far so good: if I hit up the URI I 
get the test page.

However, if I try it brings up the page, but 
the displayed URI says

Whereabouts in the pipeline is that "/cocoon" veing inserted, and why? 
I've clearly misunderstood something vital here, but I can't see what.


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