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From Palol Carlos <>
Subject Re: [2.1] Generator src from document content
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 16:26:04 GMT
On 14.11.2008, at 08:23, Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> On 14.11.2008 04:26, Palol Carlos wrote:
>> I'm trying to query a Daisy 2.2 repository from a Lenya 2 website  
>> (Cocoon 2.1)
>> So i have XML documents like this:
>> <mydoc>
>>  <query>
>>    SELECT name WHERE InCollection('xyz')
>>  </query>
>> </mydoc>
>> And would like to query that repository through HTTP API, like this:
>>  InCollection%28%27xyz%27%29
>> which returns an XML result.
>> What i would like to do (in the pipeline) is:
>> 1. Read de XML "query" text node.
>> 2. Escape the string, create de full url in an action, XSLT or else.
>> 3. Generate (file generator) using the full url.
>> 4. Transform, etc
>> I can't find a simple way to take content to de sitemap. Is it  
>> necessary to use an action and access the document from it?
> Hi Carlos,
> There is no direct access to the content in the sitemap as you  
> describe it. Also you would need 2 generators in a pipeline what's  
> not possible (first one querying the repository, second one reading  
> the file).
> You need a 2-pipeline setup. In the main pipeline you query the  
> repository, transform the result adding an xinclude "directive" (an  
> element in the xinclude namespace) to it, run the xinclude  
> transformer and maybe some post transformations. The "included"  
> document (even it will replace the original XML from the query  
> completely) will be created from a sub-request to Cocoon (cocoon:/- 
> protocol), i.e. second pipeline. Here you have again the free choice  
> about what to do.
> Hope this helps,
> Joerg

The xinclude worked fine! that was the way to send some string from  
content to the sitemap:

<map:match pattern="mainrequest.html">
   <map:generate src="content/query.xml"/>
   <map:transform src="xslt/prepare-the-url.xsl"/> (this makes a  
xinclude calling to queryrepo pipeline)
   <map:transform type="xinclude"/>
   <map:serialize type="xml"/>

<map:match pattern="queryrepo/**">
   <map:generate src=" 
   <map:serialize type="xml"/>

Thanks a lot,

Carlos Palol

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