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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: how to implement "back button functionality" from within a flow script
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 00:16:16 GMT
On 08.10.2008 16:05, Paul Joseph wrote:
> Thank you kindly for your prompt reply Derek...I surmised this was the 
> case but wanted to check with the experts...

I'm not considering myself an expert especially on AJAX, but I second 
Derek's analysis.


> Derek Hohls wrote:
>> Paul
>> The short answer is, AFAIK, probably "no".  That said, I am sure there 
>> are some flowscript gurus who might show a way to do this with 
>> continuations?
>> The right answer might be "don't"  i.e. if a user has changed an item 
>> in a list, why take him back to a previous version of the list which 
>> will not show his changes?
>> An alternative longer answer might be that you need to use some clever 
>> browser-side Javascript to manipulate the list values *inside the page 
>> it is displayed* (i.e. do not send the user off to a new page with 
>> another form) to make it appear like an "instant" change while, in the 
>> background, you use AJAX to send off the changed value.  Without 
>> knowing more about the specifics of where you get the data from, where 
>> it goes to, and how it is validated etc. its not possible to flesh 
>> this out further.
>> Sidebar: I have come across a number of articles recently which point 
>> out how poor the web is for dynamic applications and yet that seems to 
>> be what we are forcing ourselves to tackle.  Square pegs in round holes?

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