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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: How to force a Save As prompt?
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 13:30:12 GMT

> Before getting into detail, I'd like to say that I do agree in principle with what you

> said below.

Oh Good!  I was worried for a moment when I saw the size of your 
response ;-)

> My real issue probably lies in the fact that I have been around computers too long.

Ah yes... I remember building my own bi-stable flip flop circuits!

> PS The answer to your question of Microsoft Word file is - neither!    The existing 
> URL (poor though it might be) is still a valid one and should be kept.

Ok.  I was thinking off the top of my head.  A better example might be 
publishing a page with a URL of 'today.asp' or 'today.jsp'.  The 
extension here is irrelevant and simply overcomplicates the URL for the 
poor humans that might have to type it in or remember it.  I see URLs in 
a more semantic way now after following the workings of the semantic web 

Another simple example occurs with images.  We don't really need to note 
the fact that an image is in gif format by stating that in a URL.  Times 
change and it may be that for legal reasons you can no longer use GIF 
format at all on your site and you have to use PNG instead.  So all 
those URL references to mylogo.gif have now got to change.  Whereas if 
you had supplied a url of /images/mylogo the change would be invisible 
and the URL could remain unchanged.

I think I'll stop now... I might catch the zealot bug ;-)

David Legg

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