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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: How to force a Save As prompt?
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 07:04:57 GMT
Does anyone still care about IE4 - the stats from different sites suggest not: 

Looks like IE5 usage is down below 1% and no one even bothers to count IE4
users... so I would say the OP would not have to worry about this issue :-)

>>> On 2008/10/07 at 04:10, in message <>,
David Legg <> wrote:

>> is there a way or workaround how i can force a Save As prompt 
>> for my cocoon output? The problem is that the browser knows 
>> the mime types of the generated files (xml, pdfs) and 
>> displays it instead of prompting.
> See
(Content disposition header)

Ah! this all brings back some memories.

This article summarizes what you need nicely [1]

Just for reference, I presume you don't care about IE4?  The technique 
of setting the content-disposition header doesn't work for that browser 
because even if you used the content-disposition header it still sniffed 
the file you were downloading and acted on what it found there rather 
than what you told it [2].

David Legg


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