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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Re: How can i activate XSP in cocoon-2.2 ?
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2008 19:10:21 GMT

On Sep 13, 2008, at 1:35 AM, hussayn wrote:

> 1.) Create a flowScript (e.g. main.js).
> In that flowscript prepare all data by accessing the relevant beans,
> possibly trigger calculations by calling bean-methods,
> and fetching the relevant data by accessing the bean getters

also you should know that flowscript and JXTemplate both understand  
beanhood and support element notation for invoking get/set methods.   
So, e.g..

In Java:

	public String getFoo();
	public void setFoo (final String foo);

In flowscript:

	var foo =;			// is the same is theThing.getFoo(); = bar;				// is the same as theThing.setFoo (bar);

In JXTemplate:

	${}					// is the same as ${theThing.getFoo()}

(You can of course call getters/setters directly too).


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