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From hussayn <>
Subject Re: How can i activate XSP in cocoon-2.2 ?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 10:51:38 GMT

hi Andre,

thank you for your hints! this is interesting information. I did not find
any note about XSP been not supported by cocoon-2.2. From the documentation
i tend to understand, it is supported, but somehow "no any more state of the
But i could not find a single hint about how to activate it. Now as you say,
it is
not available (yet?), i understand, why i am struggling...

&quot;DAVIGNON Andre - CETE NP/DIODé/PANDOC&quot;-2 wrote:
>> unsure, it doesnt feel right ? Flowscript smells like client side, but i
>> am
>> entirely
>> server side (well i thought i use dojo for interaction... hmm) 
> Flowscript _is_ server side. I use flowscript for the CForms but i feel 
> more comfortable and confident with XSP for business logic.
> I think i'm not the only person hoping for an XSP block in 2.2 one day...

So flowscript uses javascript to operate on the server side ? oh...
erm... ok... yes, after a secnd look to what the function in the tutorial
i realize, it is probably meant to run serverside...

So do i have to write my business logic in javascript ? Or can i feed in
java code as well somehow ?

As an alternative could i use
ServletService[Generator|Transformer|Serialiser] and implement
my business logic outside of cocoon using simple servlet technology, and let
these servlets be 
called from the cocoon-pipeline ? Probably not an optimal choice, but maybe
doable at least ?

Or would it make sense to simply implement my own
generator/transformer/serializer set that
helps me to integrate my business logic into cocoon ? That sounds like i
could get comfortable
with it... Or will i again bang my head against the next wall ;-) ... 

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